Teague wins big race

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By Zach Selby

It was a race packed with high-stakes drama and a hefty prize, but as the dust settled at the Smokey Mountain Speedway in Maryville, Jake Teague emerged victorious again.

Teague finished first among 34 cars in the Super Late Model race in the United Crate Racing Alliance. Teague won a last-lap battle with Riley Hickman to win the feature finish. Teague won a $2,500 cash prize for his finish.

“It was a good win,” Teague said. “It was kind of a wild finish with the second-place gap at the end, but it was a good win.”

Before the 40-lap feature, Teague won the second preliminary heat while Corey Hedgecock, William Thomas and Hickman won the first, third and fourth.

But during the main feature, Teague and his No. 117 car roared to life and took an early lead. The Petros native started on the outside front row and used this spot to grab the lead as soon as the green flag waved.

“We just got out to a good start there [at the beginning of the race],”

Teague said. “When you get out in front at the Smokey Mountain [Speedway], it means a lot because of the clean air.”

But it wasn’t all easy for Teague, as a caution flag set up a restart that allowed Hickman an opportunity to catch up with Teague and second-place racer Hedgecock.

It became a three-car race from that point on. The top-3 racers had put some distance between them and the rest of the field with each racer fighting for position.

“I could hear their motors, so I knew they were close,” Teague said. “But I thought if I kept running my line, I would be all right.”

The three cars battled until lap 32 a caution flag set up another restart. As soon as the race continued, Hickman made a move to take second place. Hedgecock then lost control of his car and collided with the outside wall and caused another caution flag to wave.

It was then between Teague and Hickman for first place. On the final lap of the race, Hickman made a move against Teague and the two fought through the third and fourth turn for position.

But Hickman made a critical error on the final stretch. As the two cars bounced off one another, Hickman bounced off the barrier, allowing Teague to stay in control and take the first-place finish.

“Me and him both ran in a little harder than we...should have,” Teague said of him and Hickman. “It was just one of those hard racing situations for the win.”

Teague rounded out a field of 24 drivers who qualified for the 40-lap feature. William Thomas, Tanner Works, Riley Hickman and John Ownbey rounded out the Top Five in the race.