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    American Legion New Year’s Eve Gala

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    An embarrassing situation

        When I was attending college, term papers were often required in the classes I was taking. Being conscientious, I tried to begin the ‘paper’ as soon as it was assigned.
        In one particular class I chose to write about Africa. I immediately went to the University library and picked up several good documentaries about the country. I took the books back to the dormitory and put them on my desk.

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    Plate doctor

        Turns out the infection was around one or more of the Titanium plates in my mouth and they must be removed immediately. My first thought was “that was six years ago!”
        I went for the routine chest x-ray in preparation for surgery, and of course, with my luck, it came back with a question mark.
        “Have you ever had TB?”
        “No, but may I ask why you’re asking?”

  • Coalfield
  • Roy Freels Singers in Dayton Dec. 7

        The Roy Freels Singers will be the featured singers at the Big Gospel Singing at McDonald’s Restaurant in Dayton, Tenn. on Thursday, Dec. 7, at 7 p.m. For more information, call 423-628-2625.

  • Four weeks till Christmas!

        Do you fear you’ll run out of time to prepare for the holidays? Follow this guide to stay on top of your holiday planning. Here’s a checklist to help you prepare for the upcoming festivities.
        With four weeks to go before Christmas arrives, you should:
        • Shop for your holiday outfits
        • Help your kids write and mail their letters to Santa
        • Buy (or make) your Christmas cards, write a personal note in each, and send them out

  • Holiday willpower tip #4 - Just keep moving, moving moving

        No one needs more stress this time of year, and trying to fit in the usual workout can do just that. However, it is important to do something because it helps increase energy levels, reduce stress and tension and mitigate some of those extra calories.
        Tips to Get in the Holiday Workout

  • Happenings

    American Legion New Year’s Eve Gala