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    Fear of snakes

        I don’t know of anybody that doesn’t respond in fear when they stumble across a snake in the woods or the tool shed. The usual reaction is to jump back and express a four letter metaphor. I do it myself, even though I know that snakes are mostly harmless, and the poisonous ones rarely strike a human unless really provoked. But all that logic goes out the window when I first see a snake, and I’m instantly in a “get out of here” mode.   

  • Rock Climbing and Paddling Program for 6th Grade Homeschooled students on May 23

        Six years ago, with funding from a National Park Foundation Impact Grant, the Obed Wild and Scenic River launched its “National Park in Your Backyard” program for the sixth grade students of Morgan County. As in previous years, the opportunity to participate in this program will be extended to sixth grade students that are homeschooled or who attend schools other than public schools.

  • Exploring Agriculture and Forestry


        Buckeye is fairly common in our area, normally found in mountain hollows along with yellow poplar, beech and other moisture loving trees.  It is one of the species used to indicate a very diverse forest type called mixed mesophytic, the most diverse forest type in the United States, and second only to the tropical rain forests on the planet. It’s found only in portions of the Appalachian Mountains, including ours.

  • Master Gardeners to host Brown Bag Lunch & Learn Series Saturday

        The Master Gardeners of Roane County will host a Brown Bag Lunch & Learn Series on Saturday, May 13, at noon in the UT Extension Office located at 3074 Roane State Hwy. in Midtown. This session will be “Getting Started with Bees” presented by Gary Woodall.

  • Mountain Laurel Festival Healthy Hike on the Point Rail set for May 20

        In celebration of the third annual Tennessee Mountain Laurel Festival in Wartburg, Obed Wild and Scenic River will conduct a healthy hike along the Point Trail on Saturday, May 20, at 10 a.m. (EST). This 3.8 mile moderate to strenuous hike is nestled deep within the hush of the hemlock forest canopy that will boast the bountiful beauty of the white and pink blooms of mountain laurel.  

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  • Exploring Agriculture and Forestry

    Listen to the Mockingbird…all night

  • TN Mt. Laurel Festival Healthy Hike set for Friday

        Friday, May 5, at 10 a.m., Tennessee Mountain Laurel Festival will sponsor a Healthy Hike with Missy Kane and Jacob Ingram. The hike is on the Cumberland Trail from Rock Creek Campground to Alley Ford, which is a five mile moderately strenuous round trip trek. Participants should bring sturdy shoes or hiking boots, water, insect repellant, snack or lunch and dress appropriately for weather. The forecast shows possible rain and cooler temperatures. Participants will meet for the hike at the Rock Creek Camp ground just past Nemo bridge.

  • Fourth Annual Potters Falls Cleanup to be held Saturday

        Your help is needed to keep Morgan County beautiful. The annual Potters Falls Cleanup will be held Saturday, May 6. The day will start at 8:30 a.m. at the Morgan County Visitor Center, located at 415 N. Kingston St. in Wartburg, with a caravan to Potters Falls. The event will focus on trash and brush pickup in the area around Potters Falls along beautiful Crooked Fork Creek.

  • Garden workshop to be held May 19 in Rugby

        Join Bob Washburn of Wolf River Nursery on Friday, May 19, from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. EST for a workshop on how to create a raised vegetable garden complete with irrigation and how to select vegetables suited for a small space raised bed garden.
        Bob, in a hands-on demonstration, will make a raised bed and will have a delightful selection of vegetable and flowering plants from his 52-greenhouse nursery, Wolf River Nursery. Additional plants will be available for purchase.