• Letters to the Editor

    To the Editor,
    Once again we have the opportunity to be a blessing to someone else.
    Cash Express invites you to join with us in the celebration of giving.
    We will be accepting toys, coats, shoes (washable), clothing, and non perishable food items in many drop off locations in the area.
    We ask that all donations be received by Dec. 15 in order to provide a pizza party to the class in each grade that collects the most. The principal decides the winning class.

  • Letters to the Editor


        I am writing to ask the voters and taxpayers who were not satisfied with the way our roads were taken care of during the recent week of bad weather to voice your concerns.
        I live about one mile outside the city limits of Wartburg and can access two roads to get to the major highways: Catoosa Road and Heidel Road (which is referred to by many as Racetrack Road).

  • Letters to the editor — Oct. 1, 2014

    Barkley was a success, says Schooler


    The inaugural Barkley Fall Classic has come and gone. This was a tremendous coup for Morgan County in terms of tourism. Those who visited the Visitors Center were in awe of this beautiful building in our county. They stayed in our lodgings, ate in our restaurants, purchased gas, and bought souvenirs to take home. They all promised to return next year for the Barkley Marathon in the spring and/or the Fall Classic.

  • Letters to the editor — Aug. 20, 2014

    To the Editor,

    The Morgan County Rescue Squad is starting its annual photography fundraiser this week and it will be conducted door-to-door. The people working will have a letter from Rescue Squad Captain Neil Noe with his phone number. This letter will explain the project. Please support your rescue squad as you have in the past.


    Thank you,

    Morgan County Rescue Squad

  • Letters to the editor — Aug. 13, 2014

    Haynes thankful for good samaritans


    I would like to take the time to personally say, “chivalry is not dead” with some men.

  • July 23, 2014 — Letters to the Editor

    Reader disturbed by drugs, violence


    My husband and I moved to Tennessee about 15 months ago. We had hoped to spend our remaining years in some sense of peace. We find that our hope is for naught because we moved to a place of drugs, alcohol and fights.

  • July 16, 2014 - Letters to the editor

    Davis: Carroll was good at her job


    As you know, Edd Diden made the decision not to hire Kathy Carroll back as the Elementary Supervisor of Instruction without a reason. As a former employee of the Morgan County Schools Central office I have seen first hand the job that Kathy does for our children.

  • June 25, 2014 - Letters to the Editor

    Guinn: Kilby themes need analysis, further thought

    Dear Editor,

  • Raiford invites all to candidate forum


    First, I’d like to thank the candidates who have participated in our Morgan County Tea Party candidate forum so far. We’ve heard from around eleven County Commission candidates, all three County Executive candidates (Candidate Keck, Senator Kilby, and County Executive Edwards), two of three Sheriff’s candidates (Candidate Potter and Sheriff Freytag) , and several other candidates as well.

  • Shadden reveals August voting decision


    I thought twice on writing this letter. Mainly because of my family — I don’t want my opinion to affect them. You see, I have dementia. Right now the medication is slowing it down, but who knows for how long. So I figure I would write this while my thoughts were clear.

    When my son, Trevor, moved back to Morgan County, my thought was that, over-all our county was stable. My son is a deputy sheriff and has been there since 2002.