Duck duck just enjoying the relaxation of the yard!

Duck Duck

Pekin Duck
Sunbright, TN
This is a great story, she came to us from a kayak trip. Duck Duck had two sisters and they were swimming in the open water in Harriman just after Easter. They were too small to have found their own way there so guessing someone got them for their kids for the holiday and then tossed them out. One of the three girls was not doing well and could not use her right leg, we lost her shortly after bringing them home. The other two girls including Duck Duck have been with us ever since until recently when we lost her to a fox that was prowling around the pond. Duck Duck was sad for some time after but since then is back to her old self squacking like crazy when we get home, comes when you call her and likes to be hand fed saltine crackers. She enjoys all of her daily swims and playing in the pond we have and also just catching any of the little bugs and critters that run in the yard. She sleeps right next to the dogs, even the ones who are not in a kennel, they don't mind her at all. One of our dogs that was along when we found them adopted them all and used to clean them when they were little and since then keeps a close eye on them when he is outside.