•     Floyd (Hoot) Long, chief deputy for the past two years under Sheriff Cecil Byrge, easily outdistanced a field of seven other candidates Thursday to win the sheriff’s race in the Morgan County general election.
        Long, who is a resident of Petros, polled 1,733 votes in capturing eight of 12 precincts and finished no worse than second in the remaining four. Lowell Potter finished second in the sheriff’s race with 1,015 votes and John David Mathis third with 922.

  • By Michelle Hollenhead
    Morgan County News

        Morgan County native Jason Brown wanted a memorable name when he began planning his barbecue business.
        “We thought about Brown Bag,” he said.
        But his fondness for the heavy metal singer/group Ozzy Osborn, front man for Black Sabbath, gave him another idea.
        “One of their songs is ‘War Pigs,’” he said.

  •     Every seasoned backyard griller has a favorite tool. It could be an oversized turner, a pair of tongs that fits their hand just right, or even just a trusty grill brush. With summer celebrations just around the corner, the grilling experts at Broil King have some original gift ideas for the barbecue enthusiast.

    Wireless Thermometer
        A meat thermometer is a must-have for any backyard chef. Look for a thermometer that offers a pre-programmed menu that allows you to set meat type and doneness.

  •     Junior High Camp was a fun adventure this summer. Participants went on hikes, completed service projects, went swimming and talked around a campfire. Gracie Duncan says her favorite part was “the snorkeling class,” while Tommy Francis really enjoyed his class about Civil War. The group consensus was that making new friends was the best part of all. It is the hope of UT – TSU Extension Morgan County that more 6-8th grader students will join in the fun of Junior High Camp next year.  

  •     Life is constantly moving, especially with kids going back to school. It can be hard to get into a routine of moving for fitness, but exercise is important for more than just weight loss.  Exercise is important for coping with stress, sleeping better and for building up the immune system. The hardest part is starting, but once a goal is set and one is able to maintain that goal for three weeks, it will be hard to imagine life without physical activity.  

  • Wendal “Joe” Norris Opens Law Office


        Morgan County residents have a new attorney in the community they can turn to. Attorney Wendal “Joe” Norris has opened his local practice right here in Wartburg.

  •     Getting started - Estate planning should begin early in a person’s life, especially for young parents. It’s easy to talk about saving for a home or retirement, but it’s not so simple to discuss who will care for your children should you die while they are still minors.
        Those who are not able to sort through these answers on their own should enlist the help of an attorney or a financial adviser, both of whom can take some of the emotion out of the discussion and put it in more practical terms.

  • Remember to check Wednesday, Aug. 2
    Call your partner and remind them!

  •     To avoid becoming exhausted mid-hike, eating carb- and protein-rich foods at regular intervals is key. Here are five backpack-friendly snacks to take along next time you hit the trails for a hitch-free day in the great outdoors:  

        1. Fresh fruit and cheese

  •     Are you always on your mobile device? Beware of text-neck syndrome! Primarily linked to poor posture — in this case, keeping the head tilted forward for extended periods of time — this chronic condition is often experienced by avid smartphone users. Symptoms may include headaches, neck stiffness, wrist and shoulder pain, and inflammation in the joints of the hands. In the long run, the natural curvature of your neck could shift, potentially triggering early-onset osteoarthritis.

  •     Are you among those who systematically throw away all expired food, even a mere day after the best before date indicated on the package? It may be time to break that habit — after all, foods don’t suddenly turn into health hazards overnight.   


        Anyone in and around Morgan County has probably seen Tomboy Skincare Organic Co. products in a variety of store locations like RM Brooks Store in Rugby  or you may have seen the founder and owner Melissa Kreis-Stephens at one of the many festivals. But Tomboy Skincare has reached a new level of stardom by being invited as a guest speaker at NASA for the Tennessee Valley Corridor National Summit in Huntsville, Alabama recently.  

  •     “It’s possible that an ambulance would have to wait as long as 20 minutes before it could cross the tracks. Lifestar could be at the scene and waiting before an ambulance arrived,” said Morgan County Rescue Squad member Dwayne Williams.

  •     So far, it’s been a warm, wet growing season this year. This is great news for the vegetable growth in our gardens, but the warm, wet weather has also provided great growing conditions for fungi and bacteria.  
        In order to keep your garden healthy this year, keep a few things in mind.  
        1. Be attentive to any sign of disease. If we catch it early, it is easier to treat and contain.  

  •     A wonderful time was had at Junior Camp in Greeneville, Tenn. with the help of leaders Suzanne Emrich, Crystal Tompkins, Nicholas Kollett and McKinley Lough. With the help of these leaders, the UT/TSU Extension 4-H program was able to bring 27 campers through the time of their lives. 
        It was inspiring to see them excited every step of the way. Some got to experience archery, snakes and lizards, and fishing with a bamboo rod for the first time.