Should where you live determine the amount of representation you get on County Commission?

          The Redistricting Committee put Plans ‘B’ and ‘C’ to bed and now only have to finish Plan ‘A’. Plan ‘B’ is the one where county commission is reduced to 9 members and gets the voters the most equal representation possible under the law as it stands now in Tennessee. One and a half to one. Plan ‘C’ has 13 county commissioners and results in a 1.9 to 1advantage in representation for those who happen to live near the prison.

Should some voters get 3 times the representation of others in the County?

Should some voters get 3 times the representation of others in the County?


The Redistricting Committee is continuing to hammer away at solving the problem that has arisen from having such a large prison complex located here. The jobs that the prison provides are a blessing. No doubt about that. But it is creating a problem as well.

Rural Appalachian Project. Operation Oakdale. July 22nd.

Morgan County residents help each other.  Everyone knows Mary Simpson from Storehouse, Shelby Melhorn at Unicorn Fund and Ella Smith from Morgan-Scott Project because these beautiful ladies and their volunteers offer physical, spiritual and emotional support by serving people in need. 

Oakdale Health Fair was also a Fun Fair

Who would have thought spending several hours in a steaming hot, noisy gym with several hundred students could be so much fun.   The Oakdale School Health Fair on April 27th was a good time.  

The giant Bounce House was the big hit of the day.  Kids from pre-K to high school did not even realize they were getting exercise –  they were just having FUN!  Rosa Dotson and Sheila Freels from Coordinated School Health made it possible for the kids to enjoy the Bounce House.   

Behind the Scenes - Technology can Make a Difference

Morgan County Medical Center is committed to providing the best patient care in the area.  We are pleased to announcethe implementation of an electronic medical record (EMR) system for our patients. This new technology takes patient care to a new level of quality. 

Improving our content

As we are getting ready to enter a brand new year, Brian Langley, Rhonda Laughter and I are busy looking at Morgan County News, both in print and online, to make it even better for you, our readers.

Behind the Scenes - Prescription Pain Meds

The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University reports that over 15 million people within the U.S. abuse prescription drugs. IF this figure is correct, more people are addicted to prescription drugs than heroin, meth and cocaine COMBINED.

Of course, prescription pain medication can be used appropriately for temporary ailments like sprains and broken bones.  It can be used to relieve the discomfort caused by arthritis or chronic back pain.  That is not the problem. 

So You Have a Concern?

Spotlight on Education

So You Have a Concern?

The Pursuit of Excellence - Part 6

Spotlight on Education

The Pursuit of Excellence – Part 6

 The focus of recent articles has been the pursuit of excellence in education. The pursuit of excellence is a worthy goal in any endeavor in life. We’ve also discussed the underlying values that are so important in this process. These values includeintegrity, commitment, passion, truth, courage, and teamwork.

The Pursuit of Excellence - Part 5

Spotlight on Education

The Pursuit of Excellence – Part 5

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