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    The flurry of socialization on this Mother’s Day this year on Facebook has shown me how acutely aware of our families and our communities we have become. I think all the tragedies that we have recently experienced as a country have deeply affected us. Maybe we are awakening to the importance of unity as a nation and the need of God in our lives. I want to thank each of you for your testimonies regarding mothers in our lives.
    This past Friday our dear friend, Mary Jackson, fell and went to Parkwest Hospital for evaluation and recovery.
    David Stewart went to the ER and had his heart checked so he missed his Mother’s Day song. His wife, Arlene, is also awaiting surgery.
    Henrik Dechatonnayree and David Carroll went to the races at Wartburg Speedway. They had a great time, especially watching Chuck Freels win.
    All of the local churches had wonderful Mother’s Day programs. Here is a photo of the program at the Coalfield Seventh Day Adventist Church program.
    The Coalfield Community lost a dear friend and special lady this past Saturday. She was loving and kind to all who had the privilege to know her, Dawn Tinker Riley. She will always hold a special place in our hearts.
    If you have news for Coalfield, you can call me at 865-469-6671.