Coalfield comes out on top at Stone Memorial

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Yellow Jackets dominate in first full contact scrimmage

By Taylor Crombie

The Coalfield Yellow Jackets showed up ready to play last Tuesday against the Class 4A Stone Memorial Panthers and walked away with a 40-7 win.

“For the first time out, it was a positive night,” head coach Keith Henry said.

Overall, Henry was very happy with what he saw from the Yellow Jackets in their first full contact scrimmage, but recognizes that Coalfield still needs to put in some work before the beginning of the season.

“We did a lot of things well and then there’s some things we’ve got to work on, which is expected,” he said.

That’s why you scrimmage, that’s why you saw a rotation of players once we got going, so you can evaluate and see where we need to work, but overall I thought it was a real positive night.”

The biggest area that needs work in Henry’s mind is getting the team back into the right mindset and up to game speed after the offseason.

“Getting sharper and getting back into football mentality, that’s the thing that we’ve got to do and we will,” he said.

As far as specific areas of opportunity, he would also like to see the linebackers and running backs get stronger in their positions before the start of the season.

But the 2017 Yellow Jackets aren’t shy when it comes to putting in work.

“I’ve been really impressed with the work ethic and that’s something that we’ve been blessed with the majority of years,” Henry said.

We’ve had great young men, great work ethic. Every day when we come to practice, 80 percent of these guys will be there an hour early, and that’s a great sight as a coach to see.”

This year’s squad is also a team filled with leaders from all classes according to Henry, not just the many seniors.

Despite all the work that still needs to be done before taking on the Wartburg Bulldogs at home on Aug. 18, Henry and the rest of the Coalfield coaches were generally happy with the outcome of the Jackets’ first outing.

“We call it a first test, and I think it was a good one.”