Lindsay to be charged for Sunbright murder

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Morgan County Sheriff Wayne Potter’s investigators have prepared a warrant charging Wayne C. Lindsay (50 yom) of Sunbright with the first degree – premeditated murder of John Hammond, also of Morgan County. Lindsay evidently shot and killed Hammond at Lindsay’s residence of 145 Herbert Shannon Road in November of last year as Hammond was sleeping on a cot. The shooting was precipitated by an earlier argument between the two men.

The filing of the murder warrant follows an investigation into the discovery by law enforcement of human remains lying under a number of rocks at the bottom of an embankment in the woods not far from Lindsay’s residence. An individual who had been living with Lindsay contacted a Morgan County Sheriff’s Deputy earlier today (Wednesday, April 10th) to inform law enforcement that Lindsay had told this person about the murder while he was staying with Lindsay recently.

Prosecutors Bob Edwards and Jonathan Edwards from the District Attorney General’s assisted in the investigation and supervised the issuance of a search warrant of the premises where the remains were to be found. Sheriff Potter and his investigators were led to the location of the remains by the informant and discovered the skeletal remains as earlier described. District Attorney General Russell Johnson contacted the Regional Forensics Center to send an anthropology team of forensic specialist to the scene to examine and exhume the remains believed to by John Hammond.

Sheriff’s investigators Gary Seiber and William Angel, assisted by a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Agent, picked up Lindsay on an attachment for arrest on another case and interviewed him about the remains. Lindsay confessed to the killing of Hammond. The arrest warrant narrative contains the above facts and additional ones and, once filed and issued, is of public record for the media’s use. Morgan County General Sessions Judge Mike Davis will set the bond. As mentioned previously, Lindsay is already in custody on an attachment from another case.

An autopsy will be conducted to determine the exact cause of death and to make a positive identification of what is believed to be John Hammond based on the informant’s statement and the statement of Wayne C. Lindsay. Family members of Hammond have already been contacted by the Sheriff’s Office. As far as our office and Sheriff Potter can tell, no one had made a missing person report for John Hammond even though he was killed in November of 2018.