Local author launches ‘Critters Don’t Litter’

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    Two make-believe skunks named Sammy and Andy will soon be introducing the importance of not littering in our community and state.
    Adele A. Roberts, author of the children’s series, “The Adventures of Sammy the Skunk” used her animal characters to create an educational program. Along with the book, ‘Critters Don’t Litter’, there are additional awareness materials available.       Posters for businesses and offices, indoor/outdoor decals in small and large sizes, the hand-puppets of the skunks, stickers and certificates.
    Anderson County Schools will be the first to use the curriculum for elementary children. Counselors from each school will be teaching a special class for children K-2 grades. After the completion of the class each child will receive a certificate to show their participation.
    All products from the “Critters Don’t Litter” curriculum can be purchased with the Tennessee State Logo – Nobody Trashes Tennessee. It can also be bought without. Any state can purchase the curriculum and has the option to have their logo on the materials.
    Throughout our country people see the unsightly effects of litter scattered along interstates, highways, residential areas and the countryside. The theme, “Keep America Beautiful” seems to be a forgotten message.  This disgrace to our homeland is not confined to one particular state. It is throughout our country. Our country should never be thought of as a ‘garbage can’ where one can throw garbage anywhere.
    Is this curriculum the answer to the country’s littering problem? Adele answers, “I would be the first to say, ‘No’. But we must teach the young children. Perhaps through these two little skunks, children and adults will be made aware of their responsibility to “Make and Keep America Beautiful”.
    If you would like to be part of the “Critters Don’t Litter” anti-littering campaign you can contact Adele Roberts at info@crittersdontlitter.com.