Oakdale Eagles to honor Zackery Manis

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Eagles to wear initials, number in memory of teammate

By Taylor Crombie

Both Oakdale’s high school and middle school football teams plan on wearing “ZM” decals on their helments in honor of Zackery Manis, an Oakdale middle schooler and football player who passed away Friday.

The Oakdale Middle School Eagles will be retiring Manis’s No. 56, which he requested in the spring, and wear a sewn-on patch featuring his number either on their game jerseys or warm-up tees.

Manis’s locker will remain empty for the 2017 season and Oakdale head coach Jeffery Kidd plans on reserving it for “stand out and privileged players who have earned it” in seasons to come.

His position as a captain will also remain vacant for the 2017 season and the Eagles will keep his spot on the warm-up line open.

Kidd described Manis as a true leader, hardworker and friend.

“Zack was an A1 kid,” he said. “You never saw him without him being quick with a kind word and a smile. Zack was a kid that nobody was going to outwork, that was his attitude.”

Kidd added that while Manis will be missed terribly by his teammates and community, they take comfort in knowing that it is all in God’s hands and Manis “has gone to his real home with Jesus.”