Oakdale Health Fair was also a Fun Fair

Who would have thought spending several hours in a steaming hot, noisy gym with several hundred students could be so much fun.   The Oakdale School Health Fair on April 27th was a good time.  

The giant Bounce House was the big hit of the day.  Kids from pre-K to high school did not even realize they were getting exercise –  they were just having FUN!  Rosa Dotson and Sheila Freels from Coordinated School Health made it possible for the kids to enjoy the Bounce House.   

Peggy Hamby brought healthy snacks and the Health Department provided an interactive demonstration to show kids just how much sugar is consumed when drinking soda, Gatorade, etc.   The kids learned about making good choices – everything from brushing teeth, getting enough sleep, and eating wisely all add up to good health.   A giant dog dressed as a doctor made the point that visiting your family doctor every year is a great way to stay healthy.

There was also lots of free ‘stuff’ given.   April Peacock and Lorrie Armes gave out colorful bracelets and chances to win an IPod.   Four students won awesome gift baskets donated by Morgan County Medical Center.   We  enjoyed spending the day with the wonderful students and staff at Oakdale School and hope they had as much fun as we did.           

Check out Morgan County Medical Center on Facebook for pictures of this event.