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Harris has new hope with aid from MCRRC

Dear Editor,

    My name is Justin Harris, I am 34 years old and from McMinn County, Tenn. I just recently graduated from Morgan County Residential Recovery Court.
    For the past twenty years I have battled with the disease of addiction and in that time it has taken me away from my family, had me in and out of jails, and I’ve lost countless friends because of it. It broke me down mentally, physically, and spiritually. I was isolated from the world, filled with loneliness, and despair and on the verge of suicide. When I arrived at MCRRC I was broken, but I came in to open arms, education, and motivation.
    One of the hardest things I have ever done in my life was admit that I was defeated by addiction. But thanks to my brothers here and the MCRRC staff, I didn’t have to do it alone.
    MCRRC has taught me a set of principles to live by and how to truly love another person. Most importantly, it has brought me closer to Christ; without Him, none of this would be possible and for that I am very grateful. I am also very grateful for Morgan County and the town of Wartburg for giving me a better understanding of what it’s like to help other people and their families.
    I would like to thank Mary Simpson and the people at the Storehouse for everything they do for the folks of Morgan County. I would also like to thank Denny Richardson with the Wartburg Boy’s and Girl’s Club and all of the guys down at the American Legion. It has been a pleasure working beside all of you for the great town of Wartburg.
    I would like to thank First Presbyterian Church of Oak Ridge, Kellytown Baptist Church, Fellowship of Lenoir City, and Celebrate Recovery for taking time out of their day to bring their fellowship here to MCRRC.
    Finally, a very special thanks to the MCRRC staff for helping the residents to pull our lives together and to learn a new understanding. I now have hope for the future and for today.

Justin Harris