Suspect in custody after human remains found near Sunbright

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By Goose Lindsay

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and Ninth District Attorney General Russell Johnson’s office are investigating an apparent murder in the Sunbright area of Morgan County

“This morning we received information to the effect someone had reported a body located in the woods in the Sunbright area,” said Robert Edwards, Senior District Attorney for the Ninth Judicial District. “We conducted an investigation today with the sheriff’s department and the sheriff’s department has located the body. The body’s being examined, the area’s being secured  and the remains are being removed now.”

Edwards went on to say the remains were found on private property and were covered in stones.

“The remains are primarily skeletal,” he said. “There’s not much tissue remaining. The body has been there for sometime.”

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office has a suspect in custody. The suspect was arrested earlier today on unrelated charges, but is currently being questioned concerning the discovery of the body. Edwards says more charges are expected, possible this evening.

The investigation started thanks to a tip from an area resident.

“A concerned citizen had some information about this that came forward and brought it to the attention of the sheriff’s department,” Edwards said. “It was based on his information that the investigation started and has progressed to this point.”

Edwards says if not for the help of the citizen, the unnamed victim might not have been discovered for quite some time.

“No one had reported this individual missing, but our investigation to this point hasn’t revealed that anyone has seen them for a month to two months,” he said.

Edwards says the suspect is a resident of the area and may be the owner of the property where the remains were discovered. The remains were found near a small cabin in the area.

Officers are still on the scene investigating and the University of Tennessee Anthropology Department is assisting as well.

“The investigation is wide open at this point,” Edwards said. “We have one suspect that is being questioned now. It could lead to others, but at this point I can’t predict that.”