Take a Stand Morgan County

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By Jennie Chevalier
Morgan County News

    October is National Domestic Violence month and Morgan County is planning to take a stand against domestic violence with its annual event on Thursday, Oct. 5, from 6-8 p.m. at the American Legion in Wartburg.
Morgan County Executive Don Edwards proclaimed October as National Domestic Violence month in Morgan County.
    As of Sept. 18, Morgan County E-911 received 237 domestic violence calls, according to Director Matthew Brown. Unfortunately historically, this call volume increases going into the holiday months annually. Morgan County is still not seeing a significant decline in these calls or situations.
    Brown said that it does not seem that there has been an improvement on the numbers of domestic violence calls the center is receiving.
    “There is no rhyme or reason to the trends,” Brown said. “We take each call as it comes in, and we feed the information relayed from the caller directly to the officer and when they arrive on scene, they will assess the situation and make determinations.”
    Any new hires with the E-911 center receive initial training on how to handle domestic violence calls and as any updated information is provided to the center, additional training will be held at any time.
Brown wants anyone who finds themselves in a domestic related situation to be confident in calling 911 for help.
    “We encourage anyone who might be in a domestic situation to call us,” Brown said. “We are not here to judge or pass judgment. Every situation we understand is unique. In addition to the first responders and law enforcement we send, we are also able to offer a ton of resources for people if they will just make that initial call. If someone reaches out, we will send help and we are here to help in any way possible.”
    The annual event in Morgan County is to assist in providing awareness and support services to those who may be in need and also kick-off the month long fundraiser to help with funding to provide services to local Morgan County victims and survivors.
    The Avalon Center supports Morgan County in both domestic violence and sexual assault cases. The center provides specially-appointed advocates to be the voice for victims and help them through court appearances, provide shelter services, individual and group counseling and more.
    Make plans to attend the event and join in taking a stand against domestic violence in Morgan County.
    The Avalon Center offers a 24-Hour crisis line at (800) 641-3434. For more information on the upcoming event, call (423) 628-6421.