Welcome to our improved site

Several weeks ago I learned that we would be putting up a new and improved morgancountynews.net. And here it is!

We hope you will take time to move around inside the site and be sure to let us know what you think. I was especially excited when I learned that we would have video capability now and it's turned out that's the component that gave me the most trouble. But our staff will learn and get better and more creative.

You'll find more content from our print edition here and you may even see a few extra photos that didn't make it into paper. And if there happens to be one that you'd like to purchase, there's a handy "buy this photo" button for you to use.

Some of my favorite things about the site are: pet of the week, milestones in your family, the slide shows, the videos and this blog section. Members of the community will also join us here. You'll want to check back often.

Just as we welcome your input in our print edition, we will welcome your feedback about this site. There's a lot of opportunity for you to participate and we hope you will.