Wrestling With Ghosts offers possible television opportunity

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    The guys at Wrestling With Ghosts, a Sevier County based paranormal television show, will be investigating Brushy Mountain Penitentiary for the cameras days before the former prison becomes a tourist attraction for the public. Fans of the show, which is available on the streaming network ASY TV, will already be wise to the fact that this will be no ordinary investigation. There is a big surprise.
    The three main investigators on the show are also comedians, musicians and outlandish pro wrestlers... Big Luke, a nearly 7 foot giant, mink coat wearing Funkmaster V (who is also running for Tennessee state Governor as an Independent Libertarian), and baby-faced Travis Graves will be amassing an all star line up for the shooting. The exciting news is that they are also looking for one more guest investigator. They are looking for a stand out personality: You can be a fan, comedian, musician, tough guy, priest, psychic, spirit medium, ex-con, cop... anyone. They just want someone who can add to the show and “charge up” the paranormal energy with them.
    The cast of Wrestling With Ghosts does not use fancy gadgets to investigate, they would rather “charge up” haunted places with human energy. As Funkmaster V (Vinnie Vineyard) puts it: They “Flirt with the women, tease the kids, and joke with the fellas.” Joining them on May 31, is a motley crew of friends and former cast members: a Furry, a Female Impersonator, a Brew-master, a Pet Psychic, an actor, a religious leader and a few camera people.
    If you think that this would be an exciting event and you would like to participate in this one of kind chance, contact Vinnie Vineyard at sweetfamilyfunk@yahoo.com and tell him why you should be on the show.