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Annual pie auction raises funds for cemeteries upkeep

By Goose Lindsay

The Potters Chapel community enjoyed fellowship and a lot of good desserts on Saturday, May 25. The gathering at the one-room Old Potters Chapel Community Church was for the community’s annual pie auction to raise money for the upkeep of two area cemeteries.

“It’s always the Saturday before Memorial Day. It’s always the same time and same place,” Shirley Williams said of the event that’s been going on for approximately 80 years. “We use the money to keep our cemeteries mowed and clean.”
Hot dogs and chili is served at the event, but it’s the desserts that keep people coming back as residents of the community put their best menu items up for bid for a worthy cause.

“Sometimes there will be 100,” auctioneer Brad Williams said of the amount of pies, cakes and other goodies up for sale. “I know I have a blast.”

“As far as I know everything is homemade,” Shirley Williams added.

The pies, however, don’t come cheap. More than 70 dessert items were on the auction block at this year’s event as approximately $3,000 was raised. One item went for more than $100 this year and a strawberry dish went for more than $200 last year.

Besides desserts, one homemade quilt was auctioned off and two more were given away after a raffle.

“I think people look forward to it,” Shirley Williams said of the annual event. “It’s a lot of fun.”