Community News

  • Deer-Vehicle collision frequency up 21 percent in five years


        While the number of miles driven by U.S. motorists over the past five years has increased just 2 percent, the number of deer-vehicle collisions in this country during that time has grown by ten times that amount.  

  • Morgan County group accepts Three-Star award
  • Morgan County to observe trick-or-treating on Oct. 30

        Morgan County Executive Don Edwards has directed that Morgan County will observe trick-or-treating on Saturday, Oct. 30 because Halloween falls on Sunday this year.
        The same is true for the cities of Wartburg, Oakdale and Sunbright.
        There are several community/church events planned to give children and alternative to door-to-door trick-or-treating. Please refer to our Happenings page for some of them.

  • Pine Orchard

    By Bo Miles
        Homecoming on the 4th Sunday of September went well with good singing, fellowship and food. Not too many “old-timers” came, they’ve mostly gone on. I’m one of the few “old-timers” left at Pine Orchard.
        Glad to have Russell Zumstein of Ashville, N.C. with us in church last Sunday. He grew up in Pine Orchard.

  • Clear Creed

    By Edith Aytes

  • Coalfield

    By Jeanette Cox

  • Chestnut Ridge

    By Rusty Branstetter
        Joydean Adams Taylor is a very, very proud great grandmother of triple boys, Cameran and Trista over 4 pounds each and Aiden 3 1/2 pounds. They were born September 18 to Paul and Julia Copeland in Michigan. Big brother Richard Paul lV is 2 1/2 years old. Richard’s parents and Anna Copeland of Michigan are proud grandparents. Congratulations and good luck!

  • Piney News

    By Imogene Johnson
        Good morning all. It’s a wet, cool morning.
        I hope all had a real good weekend. I was at church from 10 until 3. I enjoyed every minute of it. Pat preached a very good Homecoming message. The church singing was real good and after a very good meal the evening singing was great. Wendell Jones led it. He is so good to come and help Teresa with our singing on Homecoming day. Also, Emma Lou and Ann does great playing for all of it. So you can tell why I enjoyed it a lot.

  • USDA news

    American supermarkets are amazing places.
    Don Atkinson, CED

  • Going Back in Time — October Sky extras reunionset for Oct. 15


        When the casting call for a movie goes out, the extras never get the big money, but they usually walk away with a lifetime of special memories.
        That’s the case with Oliver Springs resident Barbara Hilemon, who played five different parts in the highly acclaimed family-friendly movie, October Sky, which was filmed in Oliver Springs, Harriman, Petros, Wartburg, Oak Ridge, and Knoxville in 1998.