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  • Exploring Morgan County

        Wartburg’s annual Tennessee Mountain Laurel Festival is coming up this month, and I can’t wait. The festival will be on May 19, from 10 a.m.- 5 p.m. EST and it has lots to offer.

  • What's Cooking At Brooks' Corner?

    From the decedents of Nettie Brooks

        What’s been going on in our neck of the woods lately? Well can we say rain, rain, rain and more rain. Oh my goodness, what about the rain. The weather has been up and down like a yo yo, one minute we are getting out the shorts for spring and the next we are putting on the rain boots and then pulling out the thermal underwear again. But we guess Mother Nature knows best, it might be a dry summer.

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  • Happenings

    Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Support Group
    The Morgan County Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Trauma Support Group will meet every Thursday at 1 p.m. For details and location call 931-456-0747 or 800-641-3434.

    Low Income Home Energy Assistance Available

  • Local Veterans participate in Honor Air Flight

        On Wednesday, April 11, four of Morgan County’s local Veterans flew to Washington D.C. from McGhee Tyson Airport. These gentlemen participated in a program called HonorAir -Knoxville. This wonderful program flies Veterans to Washington D.C. for the day. They spend the day visiting War Memorials, Armed Service Memorials and Arlington Cemetery. The participants were honored through out the day on their trip. Local fire departments gave water cannon salutes, police escorted the coach bus through out D.C., Honor Guard salutes and much more. 

  • Author's Alley

    Lake Sixteen

        I have no idea why a lake would be called Lake Sixteen. I had wondered if in this area there was a Lake One, Lake Two, etc., but to the best of my knowledge there was only Lake Sixteen.

  • Coalfield
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  • Happenings

    Unicorn Fund seeking volunteers
    Beginning the week of April 30, the Unicorn Fund Second Time Around Boutique will only be open three days per week - Thursday, Friday and Saturday, at the usual hours. Unicorn Fund is accepting applications for male and female volunteers to help out one day a week.

    WCHS Class of 1978 Plan 40th Reunion

  • Entertainment enjoyed at Petros Senior Center