• Morgan County News - History - June 1957

    (By Funson Edwards)
    Speckled pup, a mongrel breed,
    A mixture of hound not pedigreed.
    I think of the trouble you will see,
    In protecting the kid just for me.
    The pointer and collie envy your stay,
    To gnaw at the bond they’d run you away.
    They seem to know you were born mixed up,
    Two kinds of blood, you speckled pup.
    But you earn your keep every day,
    Chasin’ in the cows as they stray.
    The wag of your tail tells to me,
    My faithful friend you want to be.

  • Morgan County News - History - June 1957

        Bread for all Morgan County cafeterias will be purchased by bid next year. Bakeries will be invited to bid on bread for all schools operating a cafeteria. It is believed that bread will be purchased at a more reasonable price since each bakery will have an opportunity to bid on bread for all schools.

  • Morgan County News - History - June 1957

        We’re very sorry to hear that Mr. Leonard Jones is still very ill, and the family was unable to attend the birthday dinner of Mrs. Maggie Adams Sunday. We were looking forward to seeing all the children and grandchildren who are all home at the present time.
        Mr. Lawrence Barnett returned home from Michigan, with his sister, Eva and her husband and boy, who were visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Barnette and family, over the holiday weekend.

  • Morgan County News - History - June 1957

       At the regular meeting of Brannon Kreis Post 149 American Legion held last Thursday, June 13, 1957, the following officers were elected for the coming year: Lawrence Langley, Commander; William Tipps, 1st Vic Commander; William Raney, 2nd Vic Commander; C. F. Schubert, Adjutant; Barton Woolum, Chaplain; Richard Dautel Jr., Sgt-at-Arms; John Barry and William Marlow, Color Bearers.
        Officers will be installed Thursday night, July 11, 1957 by Past Div. Commander, Harry Molyneux of Rockwood.

  • Morgan County News - History - June 1957
  • Morgan County News - History - June 1957

        Mrs. Marjorie Potter and children, her mother, Mrs. McGhee, and Mr. Dee Williams were calling on Edith Aytes and children Sunday evening, June 9, 1957.
        Mr. and Mrs. Sam Williams and children were calling on Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Aytes and children Sunday.
        Rev. Roland Aytes of Dandridge, was calling on his mother, Mrs. Inas Aytes, and brother, Sonny and family last week.
        Mrs. Arnold Potter and grandson, Jerry Potter, were calling on Edith Aytes Thursday morning.

  • Morgan County News - History - June 1957

        Four Special Education Teachers from Morgan County will enroll at U.T. during the summer in order to qualify for Special Education Classes in Morgan County Schools next year. Classes in Special Education will begin next year at Burrville, Central, Coalfield and Sunbright Schools. The following teachers will begin training this year: Mrs. Welmoth McGroff, Burrville; Mrs. Bernice (Tiny) Langley, Central; Mrs. Mae McGlothin, Coalfield; Miss Irene Wajtasiak, Sunbright.

  • Morgan County News - History - June 1998

    By Judy Underwood
    Editor/General Manager

        For several years communities in Morgan County have been building recreation areas and parks that include walking tracks. The most recent construction is at Sunbright.
        City and county officials gathered there recently to view the progress. Since their visit the track has been completed, according to Morgan County Commissioner Kathy Carroll.
        “It’s like a dream come true,” Sunbright Mayor Karen Melton said.

  • Morgan County News - History - June 1998
  • Morgan County News - History - June 1998