• Exploring Agriculture and Forestry


        Sycamore (Planatus occidentalis) is a very common tree in our area and easy to find growing along streams and lakes. It is also one of the easier trees to identify in the woods because almost all of its identifying features stand out.

  • Chick Chain Show and Auction is Saturday
  • Grant to restore 5,400 acres of Cumberland Plateau habitat

        Through a recently awarded grant, more than 5,400 acres of shortleaf pine forests on the Cumberland Plateau will be restored and enhanced. A collaboration among several organizations will use prescribed fire and strategic plantings to revitalize this vanishing habitat that is critical to several species.

  • Hunters can donate now to feed hungry Tennesseans

        Hunters for the Hungry program is now open for the 2019 deer season. Early this season, more than 80 deer processors throughout the state are accepting donations of deer to feed Tennessee families in need.
        To see processors currently participating, visit tnwf.org/processors.
        When hunters harvest a deer, they may donate it at a participating processor. The venison is processed and then provided to community food banks or soup kitchens.

  • Frozen Head State Park Programs

    Sept. 13 at 7-8 p.m. — Campfire Sessions!: Join in for family, community, great music, a cracklin’ campfire and s’mores. On the second Friday of every month at the Shelter B amphitheater through September live music will be hosted. Come and jam one final time for the summer season and local musician, David Howard.

  • Outdoor Tip
  • Exploring Agriculture and Forestry

    The intelligent design of trees

        As the largest plants around trees dominate our view when taking a woodland walk, and we enjoy the beauty of their trunk and branches as well as the leaf shade they provide on a warm day. There’s another cool aspect about trees that’s overlooked, and that’s the beauty of their design.

  • Harvesting Wild Hogs in Big South Fork and Obed

        Deer hunting season opened in Kentucky on Sept. 7 and will in Tennessee on Sept. 28. During that time, wild hogs may be harvested with the appropriate weapon that is legal for that specific season and during an extended hog hunting season that lasts from the end of the deer season until the end of February with a weapon that is approved by that state for harvesting big game.

  • Frozen Head State Park Programs

    Sept. 7 at 8 p.m. — Spider Eyes Hike: Grab a flashlight and join Ranger Ross at Shelter C to discover the secret behind spider’s glowing eyes.

  • Exploring Agriculture and Forestry

    Meat eat

        The average American diet includes one of three meats, either beef, pork or chicken. I always thought we ate more beef than anything, but chicken has of late given beef a run for its money. And if you look at it on a global scale, it turns out that beef is not always “what’s for dinner.”