• Exploring Agriculture and Forestry

    A thorny subject

        My job as a forester was a blessing to allow me to get out and enjoy the beauty of our woods and fields and get paid for it. But there were plants out there that would suck some of the joy of being outside. I’m talking about plants that can make you bleed because of their thorns; things like blackberry, escaped rose bushes, and my worst nemesis: sawbriars. I’ve come off wildfires with literally every square inch of my legs scratched from these painful vines.

  • Lester named Pleasure Traininer of the Year

    Special from The Walking Horse Report

        Joe Lester was born and raised in Wartburg, where he began riding horses as soon as he was able to hold himself up in the saddle.

  • Healthy Hike Friday: Lilly Bluff Area Trails

        The Obed Wild and Scenic River will be conducting a healthy hike on Friday, Sept. 21, at 11 a.m. (EST). Ranger Rick Ryan will lead a moderate 2.5 mile hike on the Lilly Bluff area trails which will include the Overlook Trail, the Bridge Trail and the Boulder Field Trail.

  • Locals place in T-H Marine League Volunteer Division Finale on Watts Bar Lake

        The top 10 co-anglers were:

        1st: Larry Brumett Jr., Seymour, Tenn., nine bass, 23-3, $2,641
        2nd: Tony Brown, Harriman, Tenn., six bass, 16-2, $1,270
        3rd: Jason Ridenour, Loudon, Tenn., six bass, 15-2, $814
        4th: Tim Godsey, Chickamauga, Ga., six bass, 14-13, $570
        5th: Bradley Watts, Afton, Tenn., six bass, 13-10, $488
        6th: Jaylen Andrews, Culleoka, Tenn., six bass, 13-6, $447

  • Exploring Agriculture and Forestry

    Walking on water

        If you’re around ponds or rivers much you will have no doubt noticed long legged bugs literally walking on water. These are water striders (also called pond skippers), and while aquatic strolling is impressive, they also have a few other out of the ordinary attributes.

  • Obed Healthy Hike is Saturday

        The Obed Wild and Scenic River will be offering a healthy hike along the Emory River Gorge section of the Cumberland Trail on Saturday, Sept. 15. Along the way on this moderate-to-strenuous 2.5-mile trail, several sandstone rock formations which dot the landscape will be viewed. The group will also enjoy a stunning view of the confluence of the Obed and Emory rivers.

  • Night Skies over Obed is Friday

        Starry night skies are an important part of the special places the National Park Service protects. The Obed Wild and Scenic River is one of these special places to enjoy the quiet, dark solitude of nature at night, and now the Obed is one of the newest Dark Sky Parks designated by the International Dark Sky Association.

  • Exploring Agriculture and Forestry


        Sumacs are very common in our area, most often found in overgrown fields and areas that have been disturbed. While considered a weed by many, it does have the virtues of providing cover and food for wildlife, and nice fall coloration for human enjoyment.

  • Historic Rugby’s Sept. 15 Cemetery Lantern Tour shares stories of departed residents

        The 2018 version of Historic Rugby’s unique Lantern Tour of Laurel Dale Cemetery on Saturday, Sept. 15, at 6 p.m. EST and 5 p.m. CST, will feature costumed presenters sharing the stories of a colorful assortment of the graveyard’s residents.

  • Morgan-Scott County Bee Association to meet Sept. 18