• Clever uses for packing peanuts

     * Flower-pot drainage: Sprinkle the peanuts in the bottom of pots to provide drainage for your houseplants.
        * Pet bedding: Stuff peanuts into an old zippered pillow cover to create a soft bed for your dog or cat.
      * Air freshener: Put a handful of peanuts into a potpourri jar and spritz with your favorite perfume to deodorize a room.

  • Safety tips for making water and boating fun

    Always remember to follow safe boating procedures when you’re out on the water.

  • Wartburg Speedway June 4th winners

    Modified Mini ($500 To Win, Non-Points Race)
    1.Michael Courtney #C11
    2.Tom Vann #xXx
    3.Darren Goins #D2
    4.Greg Henderson #3
    5.Rocky McNabb #01
    6.Logan Adcock #17
    7.David Runyan #55
    8.Lance Frost #77
    9.Nick Peterson #25
    10.Mikey Roberts #27
    11.Tim Ladd #39
    12.Dustin Stephens #12
    13.Brian Frost #8
    14.Chris Sexton #7 (DNS)

    Street Stock
    1.Drew Kennedy #K37
    2.DJ McMahan #13
    3.Matthew Dagley #D1

  • Heritage Day celebration at Frozen Head is set for August 13th

        Frozen Head State Park is preparing for its 31st annual Heritage Day celebration to be held on Saturday, August 13 and we are looking for artist, and craftspeople wishing to display their work. Heritage Day is an event that celebrates the folk music and crafts of traditional Appalachian and Cumberland Plateau culture found in and around Frozen Head. Heritage Day features craftspeople, demonstrators, and musicians from around the region performing throughout the day.

  • Outdoors Kids Fishing 2011 Kids Fishing Events Region 4: East Tennessee

    June 11, 2011     Town of Oneida Fishing Day - Oneida City Park, Oneida, Tn.     June 11, 2011     Duck Pond Fishing Derby for Kids - Alcoa Duck Pond, Alcoa, Tn.    
    June 11, 2011     Jefferson/Cocke Co. Kid’s Fishing Derby - Dalton Pond, Dandridge, Tn.     
    June 11, 2011     Lenoir City Kid’s Fishing Rodeo - Lenoir City Park, Lenoir City, Tn.    

  • Avoiding snakes & preventing bites

        Here are some tips to help you avoid becoming a snakebite victim:
        * Do not try to catch, handle, or kill snakes. Stay at least a body length away from a snake unless you are certain it is non-venomous. In Tennessee, all of our native venomous snakes are pit vipers and the anti-venon is the same for the copperhead, pygmy rattlesnake, cottonmouth and timber rattlesnake so it is not necessary to bring the snake with you to the ER unless you know it is a non-native venomous species.

  • Wartburg Speedway May 28th winners

    Modified Mini
    1.Brian Frost #8
    2.Tom Vann #xXx
    3.Mikey Roberts #27
    4.Greg Henderson #3
    5.Dustin Stephens #12
    6.Logan Adcock #17
    7.Nathan Mount #T10
    8.Tim Ladd #39
    9.Darren Goins #D2
    10.Dustin Hamby #77
    11.Chris Sexton #7

    Street Stock
    1.Drew Kennedy #K37
    2.Joe Freels #5X
    3.Jonathan Sims #44
    4.DJ McMahan #13
    5.Matthew Dagley #D1

    Sportsman/Modified Street

  • TWRC approves 2011-12 Hunting Seasons’ proposals

        The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission has approved the 2011-12 hunting seasons during its May meeting which concluded Friday (May 20) at the Ray Bell Region II Office Building.
         The commission had received a preview of the hunting seasons’ proposals from Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency officials during its April meeting. Chief Daryl Ratajczak and other members of the Wildlife and Forestry Division staff made presentations at the May meeting as well.

  • Tips for a safer camping trip

        While living outdoors camping, you can not help but be surrounded by wildlife. Viewing birds, squirrels, deer, opossum, and other animals are a great blessing and can add to your fun. Of course there are certain things to do when camping to make the experience more enjoyable.

  • Trout stocking in trouble from cuts

        Federal fish hatcheries responsible for raising 60 percent of all trout in Tennessee are in jeopardy due to proposed federal budget cuts. The cuts would become effective Oct. 11, 2011 and would eliminate a majority of the funding for the Dale Hollow National Fish Hatchery and the Erwin National Fish Hatchery.