• Morgan County News - History - July 1976

        A break-in occurred at the IGS Supermarket in Coalfield last Wednesday night, July 22, 1976, however the burglars were apparently “spooked” and escaped without taking anything, according to Sheriff Cecil Byrge.
        Byrge said the burglars, who apparently crawled through a vent in the top of the building, had made two sandwiches but had not finished eating them when they were scared away. He said they also had some candy and cokes sacked up but that they dropped them on the sidewalk in front of the store as they made their exit.

  • A Pastor’s Notes

        The Good Samaritan is rich in meaning and each time I look at it I see a new way to apply it to my life.  This week is no different. This week instead of viewing myself in the role of priest, or lawyer who interprets the rules of faith or as the saving enemy, I saw myself as the one in the ditch beaten up by life and left bleeding and dying in dirt. I saw the Samaritan as the Savior who I sometimes blame for my troubles and actually, at times, view as the enemy who caused it all for some unknown purpose. 

  • Lancing Presbyterian Church donates school supplies

        Lancing Presbyterian Church held a blessing for teachers and professional staff during its July 21 service.
        The congregation’s prayer was:
        Grant our teachers an abundance of Your wisdom. Prepare their hearts to welcome and love our children, and may we make sure to show them love and respect in return.

  • Metamorphosis

    By Rebecca Davis

    The caterpillar crawls in the mud
    Satisfied with eating itself all fat.
    Fearful of being a meal for a bird,
    He is a rather annoying little brat.

    Then one day he harkens to the call
    To spin about himself a cocoon
    And sleep for a season in that web,
    To emerge again one sunny afternoon.

    Oh, but what a wondrous change
    As the new butterfly flutters its wings.
    Likewise we can go from being a worm
    To becoming a child of the King of all kings.

  • Roy Freels Singers in Oak Ridge Aug. 4

        A gospel singing featuring the Roy Freels Singers will be held at Woodland Park Baptist Church on Sunday, Aug. 4 at the 11 a.m. service. Pastor Tim Kimsey and congregation invite everyone to attend. For more information call Roy Freels at 865-253-0017 or Tim Kimsey at 865-483-9469.

  • Remarkable Bible Fact
  • Power For Today

    Crossword puzzle Christianity

  • A Pastor’s Notes

        You’ve been out on the water all day in this rickety boat trying to catch enough fish to make it worth your while. Suddenly the storm comes rolling over the hills without warning and you are tossed about on the waves. It is then you see him walking toward you saying, “Come. Come walk with me here in the midst of the storm.”   The question is, do you get out of the only safety you have onto the wild waters or do you stay in the boat and hang on for dear life for whatever comes next?

  • The Importance of Character

        David Brooks’ recent bestseller The Road to Character makes a compelling case for the importance of character in our lives. He draws a distinction between what he calls the résumé virtues and the eulogy virtues.
        The résumé virtues are our accomplishments and competencies which help us gain employment while the eulogy virtues are those things which have most to do with our character. Are we kind, honest, or brave, and do we form loving and lasting relationships? Do

  • Remarkable Bible Fact