• Tuppertown Sunrise Service

        Tuppertown Baptist Church in Oliver Springs invites everyone to join them for Easter Sunday Sunrise Service at 7 a.m. Breakfast will follow. Worship service begins at 10:30 a.m. Pastor David Keathley and congregation invites everyone to attend.

  • Poems

    Thy Will Be Done
    Oh, mighty God ‘thy will’ be done,
    “I came to save man,’’ cried the son
    “this mission of love, I now shall do”
    save brothers sisters,
    (me and you)

    From the beginning
    I made the plan
    before man’s life upon earth began
    Man created by ‘this’ begotton son
    He gave His life, while living as one

    God thru creation,
    the giver of life
    man living in trials,

  • Poems

    Proverbs 12
    Chastening from our Father

    Chastening from our heavenly Father God
    Be ever wise in His love as with him trod
    Punishment is for his children’s own good
    Knowing God’s example, son Jesus would
    We at times grow too big for our own good
    wickedness cover us more than it should
    Plans of the righteous man are always just
    words of wickedness never make one trust

  • Singers at Mineral Springs Church this Sunday

        Roy Freels and friends will be singing at Mineral Springs Baptist Church in Oliver Springs this Sunday, March 11th in the 11 a.m. service. Pastor Terry Braden and congregation invites everyone to attend.

  • Weekly Devotional

        People who have been touched by faith cannot remain isolated believers. They are impelled to enter the community - the Spirit of God impels them, and the divine command bids them do so. No Christian truly Christian fails to be a member of the Church.

  • Weekly Devotional

        “If in our Saturday pursuits we’re far from God’s presence, we’re not in very good shape to worship Him on Sunday.” AW Tozer

  • Weekly Devotional

        Christian ethics require that we believers, in the words of an important theologian, work.  Why?  Because ‘Every person capable of rendering service is under an obligation to render service, that is, to the rejection of unearned income, economic luxury, or a parasitical existence.’ Work is ordained of God. Laziness is not.

  • Weekly Devotional

        “It is not just trust; it is not just obey. It is trust and obey.” -- AW Tozer

  • Poems

    My Lord, My Love

    This ecstasy that is flooding over my soul
    still covering my being although I am old
    God has been my soul’s lover so very long
    I never tire of loving Him to whom I belong

    Although all other lovers have flown away
    My sturdy Rock is steady, even ‘til this day
    All other loves were there for a little while
    no earthern love can compare, every mile

    God is love, you can trust Him this much
    He is always gentle, in His slightest touch

  • Weekly Devotional

        Someone once correctly observed ‘the faithful heart does not make for itself just any old kind of God by chance, but it looks upon Him who is the one true God. It does not attribute to Him whatever it pleases but is satisfied to have Him as He reveals Himself.’