• Weekly Devotional

        Tozer was right to say once, “Go to church once a week and nobody pays attention. Worship God seven days a week and you become strange!”  These days, though, we would have to say “Go to church twice a week and everybody thinks you’re strange. Worship sports seven days a week and you become normal!”

  • Bethel-Grace FWB will dedicate new building Jan. 29

        Bethel-Grace Free Will Baptist Church will have our official church dedication on Jan. 29, 2012. Everyone is invited to attend as we dedicate our new building to the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Weekly Devotional

       “Men are never duly touched and impressed with a conviction of their insignificance until they have contrasted themselves with the majesty of God”. – John Calvin
        We can turn this around a little and accurately say, the further men are from the majesty of God, the more inflated their opinions of themselves. This nicely explains why the further one is from God, the more one is inclined to rely on self, because, simply put, the less people think of God, the more they think of themselves.

  • Poems

     My Long Life

    Joy in knowing where you are going,
    there’s real peace in all that knowing
    that in your Lord you are still growing,
    even though in health we are slowing
    All of those years I’ve known the lord
    today as yesterday He is still adored,
    with serving Him, no, I’m never bored
    we get along as ususal, in one accord
    Now under His wing, I’m prone to hide
    my good days coming so far and wide,

  • Human says ‘Come Away’ was inspired by God
  • Weekly Devotional

        God daily place himself in our view, that we cannot open our eyes without being compelled to behold him. His essence, indeed, is incomprehensible, utterly transcending all human thought; but on each of his works his glory is engraven in characters so bright, so distinct, and so illustrious, that none, however dull and illiterate, can plead ignorance as their excuse.  - John Calvin

  • Weekly Devotional

        The church, indeed every Christian, is an odd combination of self-sacrificing saint and self-serving sinner. And the church, unlike some social organizations, doesn’t have the luxury of choosing its members; the church is an assembly of all who profess themselves believers. Within that gathering is found a full range of saint/sinner combinations. Ministry is a commitment to care for all members of the body. - M. Shelley

  • Weekly Devotional

    A person who quotes Scripture but who never attends worship is like a dry well: everything looks normal on the outside and even admirable, but inside there’s only emptiness. After all, the Devil can quote the Bible. He just can’t live in fellowship with God.

  • New church introduced

    Dear Readers:
        My name is Rick Taylor, and as the pastor of Bethel-Grace Free Will Baptist Church in Lancing, I would like to invite everyone, who currently is not going to church any where, to join us for our first regular service in our brand new church on Christmas morning.
        On Christmas morning I will be preaching the fourth message in a series on Jesus Christ, our Christmas.
        Join us  as we worship the real reason for the season.

  • Weekly Devotional

        God gave you two ears and one mouth because he wants you to listen twice as much as you speak. That’s one of the reasons why A.W. Tozer was right to say “If you do all the talking when you pray, how will you ever hear God’s answers?”