• Encountering God In Your Fellow Man

        Imagine a woman who dreams one night that she will be visited by the Lord the following day. The dream is so vivid that she can’t help but believe that it is a vision from God, and so she fully expects it to happen.
        The next day at her job as a nurse, she is fully expecting to see someone who resembles the picture she has in her mind of Christ. She thinks she might see him with hands and feet pierced by nails, or with blood streaming from his side or his head like the crucified Christ.

  • St. Paul LWML ladies honored
  • A Pastor’s Notes

        The fullness of God can’t be captured by just one image, just one picture. It takes all of the images and pictures we can imagine to help us begin to understand the fullness, the majesty, the love of God. We may see the Lord as the first flower of spring or a rushing stream or comforting arms in the middle of the night.
        When we read the Bible, we see the Lord as a rock that never changes; a fire that burns brightly in the night and guides our way; the wind that blows where it wills; a still, quiet voice in the midst of the storm.

  • Power For Today

    Running from God

        A woman was driving home one evening when she noticed that a huge truck was right behind her. She thought the truck was too close, so she stepped on the gas and tried to put some distance between her car and the truck.
        However, the faster she went, the faster the truck went as well. Soon her car and the truck were racing down the highway with the truck right on her back bumper. The woman became extremely frightened and pulled over the expressway, but the truck followed her.

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  • St. Paul Pre-School gets dental visit
  • A Pastor’s Notes

        When I was growing up there used to be a cartoon of two young people holding hands. At the top were the words “love is.,,”. Then, every week, there would be a different caption underneath describing love.  
        Here is my caption: Love is knowing it is at long last safe to rip the bandage off the open wound of brokenness and bitterness you’ve been hiding, finally realizing it is time to scrape out the festering pain exposing your secret trauma to the healing power that is love.

  • Power For Today

    Not worth two cents

        Mood swings are normal — everyone goes through them. I heard about one man who told another that he had lost a million dollars in one day. His friend was shocked and asked how in the world he had managed to do that. The answer was, “Well, yesterday I felt like a million dollars and today I don’t feel worth two cents.”

  • Missionary Family to visit Heritage Baptist

        The Bach Family, who minister the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ through the “Baptist Evangelism Aviation Ministry” (BEAM) in Alaska and Canada, will visit Heritage Independent Baptist Church, located at 475 Pea Ridge Road in Sunbright on Friday, March 15 at 7 p.m.
        The Bach Family, whose sending church is Community Baptist Church in Oliver Springs. Pastor Robert Combs, consists of Mark and Amy Bach and their 15 children.

  • A Pastor’s Notes

        This week begins the season of Lent when many Christians make a sacrifice for 40 days (for most Protestants that’s Ash Wednesday through Saturday of Holy Week, not including Sundays which are a celebration of the resurrection).