• Tiger Junction opens in Sunbright

    A new store has opened in Sunbright as Steve and Melissa Dobkins, Tim Walker and Christen Matthews are operating Tiger Junction Resale Store located at 8006 Morgan County Highway.

    “It’s basically a continuation of Machelle’s Resale Store,” Steve Dobkins said. “We bought it from her and we’re doing a bit of a revamp on it.”

    Steve and his wife Melissa both have retail experience and loved the idea of starting their own business.

  • Melhorn’s Gas Station closing after 59 years

    A business that has been around almost 60 years will soon be closing its doors.

    Melhorn’s Gas Station in the Petros-Joyner community opened in 1959, but there is no longer enough business in the area to remain in operation.

    “It was pretty tough. We don’t really want to close, but business has slowed down,” said Keli Melhorn, daughter of the late Henry Melhorn, who ran the store for decades. “We kept it open because I knew that’s what he would have wanted, but the bills are now more than we are bringing in.”

  • Now Open
  • Business is Bloomin’

    At 74 years of age, Bob and Pat Wright aren’t about to sit back and relax in their golden years, as the happily married couple are opening a greenhouse in Burrville on Saturday, April 28.

    “She wanted a greenhouse and I put her off for quite a few years,” Bob Wright said. “I built her a small one last year, and we both got hooked on it. It’s something we can work together at and that we both enjoy. It’s good quality time for us.”

    The Wrights actually sold some items last year out of a small greenhouse.

  • Petros Marathon now open

    Petros Marathon and Deli is now open.

    Last Thursday was the big day as owner Chris Patel opened his third convenience store between Petros and Oliver Springs.

    “I’m pretty excited,” Patel said about the opening. “The prison is fixing to open and there will be a lot of traffic going there.”

    Petros Marathon and Deli will offer gas, groceries, beer and soft drinks. They will also have a deli that opens at 5 a.m. every day.

  • Premier Physical Therapy opens in Wartburg

    Physical therapy is a growing field and that’s the case in Morgan County as Premier Physical Therapy opened its doors in Wartburg last week.

    “Any type of orthopedic needs you have, whether it’s surgery or sports injuries, we can help,” clinic director Isaiah Turner said. “We’re very happy to be here.”

    Turner is a native of Morgan County. He graduated from Oakdale before receiving degrees at both Tennessee Tech University and East Tennessee State University. However, his goal was always to set up shop close to home.

  • Eating with all the fixings

    There is a new business in town: Sunbright Eatery and Repair recently opened to serve the local community members and also visitors to Morgan County.

    Owner, Theresa Mayhew and Everett Miller have created a warm, family and community environment where people can come together to enjoy a good meal and a great conversation.

  • Rugby: Morgan’s historic gem

    The Historic village of Rugby is a hidden gem among the hills, mountains and wide open spaces of the Cumberland Plateau.

    Historic Rugby celebrated its 50th anniversary of being a non-profit organization that was spearheaded by Brian Stagg in 1966. Still today the village is alive and provides visitors and local community members alike the chance to step back in time.

  • Tax time is here, but have no fear

    Math, accounting and taxes are usually not a favorite of many, but for Suzy Woods, all of those things have been part of her life for as long as she can remember.

    Woods is a Knoxville native who graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelors’ degree in Business Management and a minor in Accounting. Woods currently has a local tax and accounting service Asquith & Woods, Inc.

  • Local & Homegrown Success

    Deer Lodge owned and locally based Tomboy Organic Skincare Co. began with a teacher who wanted to find a way to engage her science and students in 2001.

    Tomboy founder and CEO Melissa Stephens was a teacher at the Alvin C. York Agricultural Institute when she first started her Tomboy line with a poison ivy remedy. Since then she has expanded her line to include cleansers, eye cream, facial scrubs, shampoo, concealer and more.