Today's News

  • Chestnut Ridge

        Lowell and Wanda Adkins had a wonderful 3 day stay in Gatlinburg with family, mother, Mabel, son, Roger and daughters Becky, Teresa and Cansadia and families Thursday thru Saturday the past week. Only son, Jody, son-in-law Robert, granddaughter, Diana and grandson, Jason Guy who is in the Navy did not go along. all came home a day early due to the weather.

  • Piney

        Good morning on this cold morning. I hope all had a good weekend. I didn’t go to church either time. There was ice on my deck and it was so cold. I didn’t want to take a chance of falling. I hear church was good without me, ha. I hope to go next time.
        Happy birthday to Jim Disney on the 21st. I hope you have many more.

  • Coalfield

        NOTE: “Christmas In The Park” at Coalfield is December 18, 2010, starting at 6:30 p.m. Many lovely scenes and booths will be there for your enjoyment, maybe even some goodies! Please come.
        Pleasant Grove Baptist Church had their Christmas program this past Saturday evening. The theme was the original “reason for the season,” Jesus Christ our Saviour. Many attended and enjoyed the program.

  • Morgan County Cattleman selected as TCA District VIII VP
  • Bray kills doe
  • Hand Spinning at the Obed Wild and Scenic River Monday, December 20th

  • Roane Medical Center set to go tobacco free January 1, 2011

        Covenant Health and other Knoxville area hospitals announced they will be implementing a tobacco-free initiative in 2011. As a member of Covenant Health, Roane Medical Center will become a tobacco-free campus as of Jan. 1, 2011.
        The unified effort among the five major health systems in the Knoxville area is intended to provide an optimal healing environment for patients, visitors and staff at the hospitals, and to encourage healthier lifestyles for the entire community.

  • USDA

        Calling it “one of the greatest threats facing our planet,” Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced that USDA is taking action to meet the challenge of climate change. Speaking at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, the Secretary said USDA continues to take steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions “by helping farmers, ranchers and forest landowners to be even better conservationists.”

  • Avalon’s Abuse Intervention for Men program receives certification by Tennessee Domestic Violence State Coordinating Council

        The Avalon Center is proud to announce that its “AIM” program or Abuse Intervention for Men recently received certification from the Tennessee Domestic Violence State Coordinating Council (“DVSCC”). This council, established by the state of Tennessee in 1999, serves to create regulations for batterers’ intervention programs (“BIPS”) for perpetrators of domestic abuse and certify compliance with such regulations.  

  • Weekly Devotional

        My favorite theologian once wrote “If you have faith in regard to Christ but do not put your hope in him or love him, it amounts to nothing. … If you recognize that he is the supreme good, you cannot fail to love him. If you love him and do not hope, you are a deceiver; for he cannot love God who does not trust him.” Amen.
        Certainly true.