• Trashing America the Beautiful

    the beauty of our country. We seem blessed to have it all, from arctic mountains to tropical waters. Tennessee contains incredible diversity too, including those iconic amber waves of grain and purple mountains.

    Despite our reverence for the majesty of our natural resources, Americans—and seemingly some Tennesseans in particular—have a knack for trashing it all.

    A month ago, Tennessee Wildlife Federation asked for photos of litter in your communities that’s making our great outdoors a lot less great. Rural areas seem to get the worst of it.

  • Gearing up for 111th General Assembly

    The 111th General Assembly has begun with many changes and new faces among the leadership in Tennessee’s state government. The Senate has completed its organizational session to elect officers and organize the business of the 2019-2020 legislative sessions. The highlight of the organizational session was the inauguration of Governor Bill Lee, which is a duty prescribed to the General Assembly by the State Constitution. I was honored to play a role in the ceremony as a member of the committee to escort Governor Lee to the inauguration.

  • 3 fun ways families can get fit together

        The buddy system is widely used to help men and women get in shape. Friends can encourage their workout partners to get off the couch on days when their motivation might be waning, and partners can return that favor when the roles are reversed. And the benefits of the buddy system are not exclusive to adults, as families can rely on it to make sure moms, dads and kids each get the exercise they need.

  • Understanding depression and its triggers and symptoms

        Many people periodically have bad days when they just seem to be in a bad mood. When a bad mood isn’t short-lived, this might be a potential indicator of depression.

  • Give back and protect the environment all at once

        Companies and individuals across the globe volunteer their time and donate their money to nonprofit groups and worthy causes. Hundreds of billions of dollars are raised, and many hours are clocked furthering the efforts of charitable groups.
        Although nonprofits in various categories receive support, one sector has experienced the largest percentage gain: environmental and animal welfare organizations.

  • Where people spend most

        Who hasn’t tallied up monthly bills or looked at a credit card statement and pondered if they’re spending a little too much? The average person also may wonder how their expenditures compare to other people around the country and what they need to do to enjoy financial freedom in retirement.

  • Norman Rockwell Christmas

        Certain holiday images have been ingrained in the minds of the public. Coca-Cola’s smiling bearded Santa Claus, in his now universally recognized red coat, helped create a model from which all other Santas evolved. And an early 20th century artist and illustrator helped to establish the feelings of the Christmas season for millions with portraits featured on the covers of The Saturday Evening Post.

  • Serve up warmth for the holidays

        People often associate holiday imbibing with eggnog, but many other beverages can be enjoyed this time of year. Wassail is a hot, mulled cider that was traditionally consumed while wassailing, a ritual of Medieval English Christmas and Twelfth Night celebrations. A warm beverage and caroling go hand-in-hand.
        Wassail can be made in many different ways, depending on one’s tastes. But cider is an integral ingredient in most wassail recipes. Home cocktail creators can use this basic recipe and modify as they see fit.

  • Did you know?
  • Get gifts there on time

        Thanks to families being more spread out than ever before, today’s holiday shoppers must figure out ways to get holiday gifts to their destination on time. The holiday season tends to be the busiest time of year for many delivery services. The following tips should help shoppers ensure their loved ones’ gifts arrive on time.