• Traditional or not at all

    If you’ve been going through our paper this week, I’m sure you’ve discovered that Morgan County had a very busy and interesting week.

    With budget talks, dugs busts and everything in between, there really has been a lot to take notice of in such a short amount of time.

    But even with all of the news we’ve been covering there was one thing that struck me on a personal level that I thought I’d take the time to expand upon: Roane State focusing on non-traditional students.

  • Autophobic confessions

    Okay, I’ll admit it:I’m an autophobic.

    When it comes to car trouble I’m probably about as useful as a toddler pushing a plastic lawnmower in the wake of his father’s freshly cut grass.

    Throughout my history with cars I’ve learned how to do a few basic things when it comes to automotive dilemmas. Topping the list is changing a tire, checking the oil, jump-starting a battery and filling up the various, albeit not all, fluids.

  • Rain on my parade

    We’ve all heard the phrase before, but this Independence Day these words jumped into real life.

    Armed with a camera to take pictures for the paper, I stood just across from the Abner Ross Center waiting for the Deer Lodge Fourth of July Parade to start. It wasn’t too long after the road was blocked off that the grey clouds started to roll in. Then there was a brief moment of sunshine just before things got underway. I thought it was a nice coincidence, until the rain started to come down heavily as soon as the procession started.

  • What a super time

    It’s no secret that the plight of the superhero is a story that interests me greatly. That’s why I was extremely excited to head down to the Wartburg Public Library last Wednesday afternoon to cover the superhero-themed summer reading program.

  • Belly and the beast

    It was just about two weeks ago when I did my best to squeeze into the suit I bought after college for the Tennessee Press Association awards ceremony.

    It fit, but just barely. The pants held with just enough extra space to almost cut off circulation at the hips and the snugness of the jacket made me nervous to reach for anything too quickly. Nevertheless, it fit.

  • Do the research first

    Throughout the week I heard a few interesting comments about how we supposedly misspelled “bologna” as we opted for the phonetic spelling of “baloney” in an article about an award-winning sandwich sold at R.M. Brooks’ Store. Since I have the privilege of taking up this space on the editorial page every week, I figured this would be the best opportunity I’d get to walk through this subject.

  • Better, better, better

    I’m a firm believer that if you don’t see any room for improvement then you aren’t looking hard enough.

    I think this applies to nearly everything, but since bringing our readers the best local newspaper Morgan County has to offer is my passion, I’m pleased to direct this editorial right back to the hometown Morgan County News.

    Since I’ve taken up the saddle as editor I’ve heard a lot of people tell me how much they think the paper has improved. I have to agree, but I certainly won’t hog all of the credit.

  • Thanksgiving spirit

    This time of the year there is a lot of talk about the Christmas spirit, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, I think it’s great. But I also believe in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

    The concept of both of these spirits affirm positivity, but it a different way. The spirit of Christmas is one that encourages giving in a selfless way. The spirit of Thanksgiving is one of reflection where gratitude is expressed for the things that you have.

  • The Christmas spirit

    A few weeks ago I wrote about the Thanksgiving spirit, and it seems like after just blinking Christmas is almost here.

    For Thanksgiving there’s not nearly as much preparation that goes into it as there is with Christmas. That’s not to diminish the value of Thanksgiving, but really Christmas is much more involved. You have the same gathering and eating elements with each holiday, but the gift giving aspect of Christmas really puts the holiday into full throttle in comparison to all of the others.

  • Helpful, not harmful

    Lately, we’ve received several comments from people who think the article we ran about Josh Johnson’s apparent suicide was in bad taste. I feel this editorial is necessary to clarify some misconceptions that are damaging to the community and unfair to people involved in the situation.

    The death of this teenager is tragic. I think we can all agree on that. But it’s still news.