• That’s all, folks

    For those of you I’ve had the chance to tell or readers whom look at our classifieds pages, this won’t come as much of a surprise, but for the rest it might. This is the last editorial I will write as the editor of Morgan County News.

  • Walking, yes indeed

    Humans were made to walk.

    Whether your worldview is more religious, spiritual or evolutionary, walking plays a large role in each. Just as the religious can walk with God, the spiritual walk in nature. Those who follow the evolution of man know that bipedal motion had a major impact on the overall process. So no matter what way you look at it, humans were made to walk.

    But walking is an activity that is greatly dependent on the environment of the walker.

  • Park fee blunder

    It was officially announced this week that Frozen Head State Park will charge a site fee for camping starting April 1. I wish it were an April Fools joke, but it’s not. This fee is going to be a major hurdle for Morgan County’s hope of growing its tourism industry.

  • A part of history

    This is a historic year for Morgan County, as the county will celebrate its 200th year anniversary.

    If you are a consistent reader of this newspaper and of my editorials, you probably already knew that. And if you read our front page this week, you also already know that this is a historic year for us here at Morgan County News. That’s right, your very own local newspaper of record is celebrating its 100th year anniversary in 2017.

  • A sign of gratitude

    It was only a few weeks ago that we heard wind whipping all around the outside of the office.

    There was a wind advisory in effect, and we made to sure to have plenty of posts about it on our social media page to make sure Morgan County residents were informed about the possible weather dangers.

  • A hard rain has a-fallen

    This is probably the most excited I’ve ever been for a rainy week.

    For a while it seemed like it might never rain in Morgan County again. I know that sounds like the far-fetched plot of a bad horror movie, but when I saw how low the water levels were for the local supply, it was a scary sight to behold.

    I have been reporting on the local drought for a while, and giving the situation prominent attention in the paper — so much so that Plateau Utility District General Manager Mike Monroe joked that I was going to make him a local celebrity.

  • Running to your goals

    In some ways it seems like the holiday season was just here.

    I know this means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but for me the holiday season means it’s time to get serious about picking a New Year’s resolution.

    Last year I picked several of them. This may have been a bit ambitious, but I tend to be an ambitious person, especially when it comes to personal improvement.

  • Just for the hike of it

    I’ve never been much of a hiker.

    It’s not that I don’t like physical activity or that I dislike being outdoors. Running along a scenic path is probably one of my favorite activities. I just never really got into hiking before.

    Maybe it was because many of the people close to me prefer other activities, or just plain old timing, but this weekend I took part in my first honest-to-God hike. I say my first honest-to-God hike because I have been on smaller hike-like treks before, but this was of an entirely different type of activity.

  • Things to watch for

    In the modern day, there are so many things you really need to keep an eye out for. Locally, we have seen some forgery charges in the arrest report we receive weekly from the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department. Forgery, like many things, is something everybody always thinks it won’t happen to them, and then, suddenly it does.

    It was on a much smaller that such an experience was brought to my attention last week.

  • Barkley is a beast

    With all the recent visitors Morgan County has had from across the country and the world, it means it is time for the Barkley Fall Classic.

    Not to be confused with the Barkley Marathon that takes place at the beginning of the year, the Barkley Fall Classic is a shorter version of the Marathon with runners only running the 20-mile loop three times compared to the five laps that are run in the marathon.