• Fund set up to assist local cancer victim with costs

    To the Editor,
        Deena Rose, a current employee at the Morgan County Correctional Complex has been battling Small Cell Lung Cancer since August of 2011. Medical bills are starting to add up and take a toll as aggressive treatments continue in trying to get the cancer under control. In order to help ease the medical cost burden on Ms. Rose, an account has been opened at Regions Bank on Eliza Street in Wartburg to accept donations towards her medical costs.

  • McCartt explains his family’s view on rock pile

    To the Editor,
        After people saw the newspaper last week with the story from the county commission meeting on Monday, May 14, 2012, they started asking us questions.
        What is going on? What has happened?
        Quenton Henry has quit but he wants everybody that is involved in this lawsuit to pay their own attorney fees. It has been estimated that this lawsuit is well over $100,000. But what kind of deal is this? Remember $30,000 of this money belongs to the taxpayers of Morgan County.

  • Taylor on the ‘Southern Democrat’

    To the Editor,
        After I announced my fundraiser at Shooters’ Depot, a local political analyst suggested I was bringing back the Southern Democrat as a political force in this District. This particular analyst may be given to a little hyperbole, but the Southern Democrat is really what is needed in the Congress today.

  • Life Care Alz-Stars say thank you

    To The Editor,
        We would like to say thank you to everyone who participated in our Mother’s Day Basket fundraising event. Thanks to your participation, we sold over 140 chances at $1 each.
        The support from our community has been amazing, and we are amazed at your willingness to help support Alzheimer’s Tennessee.
        Thank you for all you do to help us to raise funds to promote education and awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease.
    Thank you,

  • Cook reaches out to pastors to support prayer meetings

    To the Editor,
        We have for the past four months been having community prayer sessions in Morgan County. We hold one prayer session on the first Tuesday of each month in Wartburg, and one on the third Tuesday of each month in a different community in our county.
        I have been trying to reach pastors in the county to join in this program, and to host a third Thursday prayer session.
        Phone numbers for churches are not hard to find, but no one is at most churches during the week.

  • Carroll says thank you for support of ChildFind

    To the Editor,
        The Special Education Department of Morgan County Schools wishes to thank everyone involved for a very successful ChildFind on Saturday, April 21. We were able to screen 31 children and enroll 26 children into the county preschool program.  
        We would like to thank teachers Kelly Gunter- WCES, Duane Yeary – WCHS, Shannon Foster-PJ, LMU graduate student volunteer Kristy Hutson, and Nancy LeRoy, speech therapist for screening the children for cognitive, language, speech and motor skills.

  • Lane, SUD board member, gives reasons for Cumberland vote

    To the Editor:
        Due to the numerous phone calls and inquiries about the proposed merger between the Sunbright Utility and the Plateau Utility District, I am taking this opportunity to explain my position. I am currently a member of the Board of the Sunbright Utility District. The Board recently voted to merge with the Plateau Utility District. A move which I oppose and thus I voted against the resolution.

  • Chairman thanks those assisting with Envirothon

    To the Editor,
        Cumberland Mountains RC&D would like to thank all those who assisted with the Envirothon at Frozen Head. Especially the TN Department of Forestry; Morgan County Road Department, Frozen Head State Park, and Jerry and Phyllis, MRCS, TN.
    Jerry Taylor, Chairman

  • Melton expresses apprecation for work Clerk Collins

    To the Editor,
        I was present in the last County Commission meeting. Some motions were not always clear and I appreciate Clerk Cheryl Collins for helping the audience and commissioners understand what the vote would mean.
        Mrs. Collins does a good job for the people of Morgan County and we are fortunate to have her.
    Leslie Melton

  • FCCLA appreciates community support

    To the Editor,
        I am grateful for the support of Wartburg businesses and organizations that so graciously support the Family and Consumer Science department and the FCCLA student organization at Central High. We have been assisted numerous times, just this school year alone, by individuals, businesses, and organizations in our community. We could not succeed in all our endeavors without the support from each and every one.