Holiday willpower tip #5 - Help yourself

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    The holiday season is all about sharing, celebrating, togetherness, and indulging-in moderation. Pass the eggnog and remember to help yourself when it comes to navigating the holiday season.
    Tips for Helping Yourself
    Put your food on a plate. It is much harder to track what is being eaten when just nibbling freely without a plate.
    Count your canapés. Same reasoning as #1.
    Eat and chew slowly. It is not a race.
    If you blew it yesterday, don’t panic. Today is a new day! Maintaining your weight is not a sprint it is a marathon, and it is more important about how your week has gone collectively than about one “bad” day.
    Take your own healthy choices. When you know the food choices at the buffet are going to be one luscious decadent thing after another, take your own lower calorie side dish or dessert so you’ll have at least one choice to fall back on.