Wartburg revenue plummets

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By Bieonica Parsons

The numbers are not looking good for Wartburg, as its revenue has dropped significantly this year compared to previous years.

As of the April city council meeting, the city of Wartburg’s financial report showed a large decrease in the city’s revenue. The council said the budget is $30,000 less than projected in revenue for the city compared to the previous six years. This could spell trouble for the city as the year progresses.

“It isn’t anyone in particular,” Wartburg Mayor Jonathan Dagley said. “The departments are doing great. We just are not making the money we need to be making.”

Earlier in the day before the city council meeting a budget workshop was held to go over the finances for the city. The issue the council seems to be having is that they are not sure why the revenue has dropped so drastically from previous years.

“We have looked through the reports, and we are not quite sure where it is,” Dagley said.

He went on to say that with several businesses changing ownerships recently it could have something to do with their taxes. But until the council has a chance to look further into the issue there won’t be a definitive answer as to whether businesses were paying their city taxes or not. But the mayor assured everyone the situation is being examined to figure out why the budget has come up short.

The next council meeting will explore where cuts could be made in order to get the budget closer to being on track. The council did not have ideas where cuts could be made during the April meeting, but there will be a second budget workshop before next month’s city council meeting.

With warmer weather, the council hopes more summer-related events such as races at the Wartburg speedway will help spur the local economy. And while this will help with the revenue, the council said it would not be enough to save the budget. With the budget being over projected for this fiscal year, there will be a strain on the city’s funds.

In the coming month the city plans to look further into possibilities of what could be causing the loss in revenue. Whether it being businesses not paying tax or people just not buying as much within the county, Dagley said the council will do whatever it takes to get things back to where they need to be or as close as they can get.