Community News

  • Bicentennial Festival planned for Oct. 7 in Wartburg

        The 1817-2017 Morgan County Bicentennial Festival will be held Saturday, Oct. 7, from 2-10 p.m. on the Courthouse Square in Wartburg. The event will include an opening ceremony, a festival parade, a concert on the lawn and fireworks. For more information contact Morgan County Chamber at 423-346-5740 or email morgancountychamber.com.

  • Happenings

    Earn your free High School Diploma
    Earn your High School Equivalency Diploma for free! You may be only weeks away from being a graduate. Get the help you need to be on the pathway to success. Call Morgan County Adult Education at 423-346-3060 ext 6511.

    Morgan County Head Start taking applications

  • Plateau Electric improves Sunbright Substation

        Plateau Electric Cooperative is making improvements to the Sunbright Substation. PEC will double the capacity by installing a larger transformer, add an additional circuit and modernize the relay system.
        These improvements will better the power supply and allow for greater dependability of service to members.  

  • MCMC gets fresh look thanks to County Residential Recovery Court

        “We have been very fortunate to have a crew here working and helping us improve the appearance of our facility for our patients,” said Theresa Brock, administrator for MCMC. “They are doing an excellent job and we have already received compliments on their work.”

  • The Lifestyle Connection

    A Green Spring

        Joe had to work that Monday, giving reports from his trip. But wait, you’re my ride! The doctor’s office was on his way, so he dropped me off at 7:45 a.m. and the appointment wasn’t until 9. What? He would hopefully return at lunch time. Bye.

  • 13 quirky facts about companion animals

        Think you know everything there is to know about your favorite furry, finned or feathered friend? Chances are there are some interesting facts that even the most ardent animal-lover may be surprised to learn.
    1. Tough tongue: Cats’ tongues are covered with little structures called “filiform papillae,” which are like tiny hooks pointing toward the throat. These hook-like structures help hold food while a cat is eating. The papillae also help with grooming. Humans can feel these barbs when licked by cats.

  • Adopting a dog or cat later in life

        Companion animals bring great joy to their owners. The unconditional love cats and dogs provide appeals to people of all ages. While many people associate pets with kids who can’t wait to welcome the first cat or dog into their homes, pets can benefit aging men and women as well.

  • Jazz Concert price reduced

        A Tribute to King Pleasure Jazz Concert will be held Saturday, Sept. 9, from 5:30-9:30 p.m. at Papaw’s Opry Barn and Theater. Ticket prices are now $85 per couple. To purchase your ticket visit www.kingpleasureconcert.eventbrite.com.

  • Narconon can help with addiction

       People who know someone struggling with an addiction often wonder how to help that friend or relative. With support, they have a greater chance of overcoming their addiction.
        Each situation is unique, but there are some general guidelines for finding a drug rehab that works best for them. Narconon can help take steps to overcome addiction in individuals or their families. Call 1-800-431-1754 for free screenings or referrals.
        To learn more visit:

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