Behind the Scenes — Small Town Family Medicine

I recently read an article titled Uninsured? Where you can find medical help between now and 2014.  It was written by Andy Miller, a healthcare writer.

The article caught my interest because several stories were about people from Tennessee including a lady from Lenoir City that cleans houses for a living. This 43 year old woman had not had a mammogram in three years or seen a dentist in six years because she hasno health insurance. 

Behind the scenes - Small town family medicine

Common symptoms of the flu include fever, headache, muscle aches, extreme tiredness, etc.  If you have these symptoms, it isrecommended that you see your doctor.   This is good advice, unless your provider has the flu as well.

Behind the scenes - Small town family medicine

I know nothing about blogging, but that did not stop me from accepting an invitation to ‘blog' about healthcare.  I will figure out what to write as I go, but one thing I can do is tell you the stories we hear every day .  Our providers have busy, interesting, fulfilling and frustrating days.  Today I will tell you about one day in the life of a community healthcare center provider.   

Welcome to our improved site

Several weeks ago I learned that we would be putting up a new and improved morgancountynews.net. And here it is!

We hope you will take time to move around inside the site and be sure to let us know what you think. I was especially excited when I learned that we would have video capability now and it's turned out that's the component that gave me the most trouble. But our staff will learn and get better and more creative.

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