W.E. England Marks 50 Years In Business In City Of Sunbright

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England opened service station when he couldn’t find work

By Judy Byrge

   In 1960 W.E. England was a 24-year-old man looking for work after he came out of the military. His search ended up in his hometown of Sunbright.
    “When I came out of the service in 1960, there wasn’t jobs anywhere. I went north and I would have even taken a dish washing job but there wasn’t any out there to get so I took the station and I’ve been here ever since,” England said.
    For most of those 50 years, the station was a Phillips 66 but today England operates as an independent and sells Sunoco  Gas.
    The scope of the work that he does has changed through the years.
    “This new stuff, you can’t work on unless you’ve got the equipment to do it with — all these computers, you can’t afford it. “I do light maintenance — brakes, shocks, tune ups and service jobs,” he explained.
    Although England is retired, he continues to work at the station that has been his livelihood all these years.
    “I’ve done retired but you’ve got to have something to do to keep you going,” England said.
    He has watched many businesses come and go through the years, but he chose to stay in Sunbright.
    “There’s a lot of good people and I’ve got a lot of good customers. I’ve seen a lot of hard days and a lot of easy days. I just stayed with it.”
    “I want to thank my customers who have held with me through the years. I’ve got some good ones that have been with me ever since I’ve been here.