• Lucas catches record setting Lake Trout
  • Saunders and Schwind take 1st place
  • Wartburg Speedway July 30th winners

    Modified Mini
    1.Brian Frost #55
    2.Logan Adcock #17
    3.Lance Frost #3-6
    4.Nick Peterson #25
    5.Darren Goins #52
    6.David Runyan #55 (DNS)
    7.Jr. Meredith #52 (DNS)

    Street Stock
    1.Drew Kennedy #K37
    2.Reagan Williams #48
    3.Joe Freels #5X
    4.Matthew Dagley #D1
    5.DJ McMahan #13
    6.Ernest Cox #117

    Sportsman/Modified Street
    1.Ted Lowe #30
    2.Gary Freeman #1
    3.Jimmy York #Y3

  • Clever uses for coffee grounds

        * Fertilizer: Spread grounds over flower beds containing acid-loving plants such as azaleas and rhododendrons.
        * “Fridge freshener”: Put dry grounds into an old margarine tub with holes poked in the lid. Place the tub in the refrigerator to absorb odors.
        * Odor-eliminator: Keep grounds in a can near the sink. Rub a small amount over your hands after peeling onions, chopping garlic or handling fish to get rid of the odor.



    All Species: 3 pole limit per angler from boat and 6 pole limit per angler from bank may be used.
    Largemouth/Spotted/Smallmouth Bass: 5 per day in combination in combination, only two may be smallmouth bass
    Largemouth Bass: 15 inch minimum length limit
    Spotted Bass: no length limit

  • EPA tips to be cool and safe

        The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is providing tips to protect people from the dangers of overexposure to the sun and heat while still enjoying summer activities. Excessive heat and ultraviolet (UV) radiation are dangerous to people’s health. Each year, more people on average die in the U.S. from heat waves than from any other natural disaster. And every hour, one American dies from skin cancer, which is the most common cancer in the U.S.

  • Wartburg Speedway July 23rd winners

    Modified Mini
    1.Tim Ladd #39
    2.Darren Goins#D2
    3.Brian Frost #8
    4.Logan Adcock #17
    5.Tom Vann #xXx
    6.David Runyan #55
    7.Lance Frost #3-6
    8.William Tallent #18
    9.John Stout #6

    Street Stock
    1.Drew Kennedy #K37
    2.Raymond Shephard #11
    3.Joe Freels#5X
    4. Michael Brashears #11
    5.DJ McMahan #13
    6.Billy Asbury #11
    7.Ernest Cox #117

    Sportsman/Modified Street

  • Obed Critters in the Creek program takes place this Saturday

        Attention Kids and Adults! Come out on Saturday, July 30th and help park rangers measure river water quality. You will help look for and identify samples of various benthic macro invertebrates. You will then learn how these critters can be used to determine the river’s water quality and about the effects pollution has on our rivers and streams.

  • Law Enforcement listed of Region 3 - Cumberland Plateau

        Region 3 is broken down into Law Enforcement “District’s” in order to more efficiently enforce hunting, fishing and boating rules and regulations along with meeting the needs of the sportsmen and public in those counties. Officers in these counties may routinely assist other officers in the area with special law enforcement or public relations projects.


    Center Hill

    Largemouth/Smallmouth/Spotted Bass: 5 per day in combination
    Largemouth Bass: 15 inch minimum length limit
    Smallmouth Bass: 18 inch minimum length limit
    Spotted Bass: no length limit
    Crappie (all species): 15 per day in combination, 10 inch minimum length limit