• Yager announces grants to improve school safety

        Recently Sen. Ken Yager announced more than $1 million in state grants for school districts he represents to improve school safety and security. These grants include $317,157.77 in Safe School grants, which are recurring funds and $762,850 in School Safety and Security grants, which are one-time funds. This year the General Assembly included $35 million in the 2018/2019 state budget for school safety, which Yager supported, following recommendations from Governor Haslam’s School Safety Working Group.

  • Take a step toward recovery

        What does recovery mean to you? Does it mean sore muscles after an intense workout? Does it mean a moment’s peace after you put the kids to bed? Does it mean finding something of value that you lost long ago?
        For Tennesseans living with mental health and substance abuse issues, recovery means that and so much more: it is the process through which people are able to live, learn, work, and fully participate in their communities.

  • Leaf peeping planning guide

        Millions of people each year look forward to the magnificent colors on display in autumn. Fall offers irreplaceable views, whether you’re atop a mountain ridge or thick in the folds of a forest. In addition, the crackle of leaves underfoot and the earthy smell of the soil tempts the senses even more.
        Some advance planning can help make fall foliage trips that much more enjoyable and awe-inspiring.

    Peak viewing times

  • Enjoy some scenic roads

        Road trips have been part of popular culture for decades. Featured prominently in movies and books such as “On the Road,” “Rain Man” and “Easy Rider,” road trips with friends or family tend to leave indelible marks.

  • From the editor's desk

        When Morgan County Sheriff Wayne Potter addressed County Commission Monday night, he informed the legislative body of problems within the Morgan County Jail, including faulty plumbing and door locks.
        Problems at the jail are nothing new and the coming weeks and months will be important in addressing issues that will affect Morgan County for years to come.
        Monday’s problems are minor compared to what the county is facing.

  • How to protect yourself from theft

        Anyone who has had their home broken into or been the victim of identity theft understands just how unsettling it can be to have their privacy invaded. To think that a stranger has rooted through your stuff may be even more upsetting than losing the stolen items.

  • From the editor's desk

        Some people are born for a reason. For Ella Smith that reason is helping others.
        For the past 11 years, Smith has help hundreds, if not thousands of families as Executive Director at Morgan-Scott Project in Deer Lodge. Friday, Aug. 31 was a bittersweet day for Smith, as she retired from her position within the non-profit organization.
        I got to know Ella over the past nine months and I can truly say she was made for the job.

  • Volunteering as an older adult: How to find the right fit for your new lifestyle

        Many parents feel involving their children in volunteering at an early age can have a profound, long-lasting impact on their kids. But youngsters are not the only ones who can reap great rewards from volunteering, as studies show that men and women at, beyond or approaching retirement age also benefit greatly from volunteer work.

  • From the editor's desk

        A report came out last week saying visitors spent $5.02 million in Morgan County in 2017. That was a 3.2 percent jump from the year before.
        The report also states that Morgan County received $640,000 in local tax revenues, which is an increase of 1.4 percent from 2016. Those increases are good, but hopefully those numbers are something we can look back on in the future and think that’s not that much.

  • How entrepreneurs can spread the word about their businesses

        Today’s entrepreneurs face an uphill battle when starting their businesses. Whereas the competition in business has always been stiff, many trailblazers of yesteryear typically competed against only other locally owned businesses. But thanks to the Internet, businesses are now competing on a national, if not global, stage, making it harder than ever for businesspersons to draw attention to their products and services.