• Happy New Year!

        Happy New Year! I’m sure most of us are looking forward to 2011 and all the good things it will bring.

  • Dreams do come true!

        What about that white Christmas? It sure was pretty to wake up to all that snow Christmas morning. In fact my excited sons woke me early to let me know the ground was white — long before I was due at my mother’s to begin cooking.
        But like many of you, I discovered that as pretty as it is, it is also a bit of a pain, especially if you have to get out and drive in it. Fortunately, our family didn’t have any real issues with getting to Mom’s house and we enjoyed a full day of food, fun and laughter!

  • Pollard says ‘Merry Christmas’

        This week for my article instead of having an old photo submitted by our readers, I just want to say a very “Merry Christmas” to all of you.

  • Wishing each of you a very happy and safe Christmas

        This holiday season has certainly gotten off to an interesting start with all the wintry weather we had last week! It would lead you to believe that Old Man Winter is in a hurry this year.
        The snow was absolutely beautiful but it’s doubtful that many of us can say the same about the ice that followed.
        I drove to the office on Thursday morning. When I arrived I found that there was no safe way to get in because the parking lot was a solid sheet of ice and the sidewalks were the same.

  • Catching the Christmas Spirit

        We have caught the Christmas spirit here at the Morgan County News and I’m in the process of getting some video up on our web site that shows some of your Christmas spirit.

  • Sharing the Past

        There may be some folks who would like to have a new car for Christmas. How about a Wartburg instead of a Cadillac? Did you know that there really was a car made that was a Wartburg?  I have to admit that I did not, though I may have read this or heard it. Old age is causing me to forget a few things. By the way, today is my 76th birthday so my readers may feel free to agree with me!  

  • The holidays are upon us

        By this time next week, all of our public Christmas celebrations will have been held. Breakfast with Santa is Saturday morning, the Christmas Parade is Saturday evening and the new Heavenly Celebration will be on Monday evening.

  • Sharing the Past


  • Sharing the Past


  • Sharing the Past

    As I promised, when I ran this photo a couple of weeks ago, I was hoping that someone would supply the identities of those in the picture so I could run it again. So, for those who missed the previous article, this is of the first Coalfield Homecoming Parade back in 1975.

    I had an e-mail from DeAnn Hicks and it seems that Joy Christmas, Star Johnson Underwood and DeAnn got together and had a good time identifying those in the picture. DeAnn said the costumes made them look older than they really were. Most of those pictured made up the graduating class of 1987.