• Preparation power

    Let’s take a trip in a time machine. It doesn’t have to involve a Back to the Future DeLorean or a scholarly H.G. Wells approach. But let’s step to nearly any first day of school for me as a child.

  • Newspaper awards

    It’s nice to be recognized for your work, especially when you put so much into it. So I was very pleased to be able to take home some awards for Morgan County News at the 2016 Tennessee Press Association Awards Banquet.

    Last year I won two awards for my work the previous year with the LaFollette Press: a third place award for Best Personal Humor Column and a third place award for Investigative Reporting. I was proud to receive those awards for my work as a reporter, but this year was bigger and better.

  • News doesn’t stop

    Could you imagine a world where you went to pick up a copy of your local newspaper and the big, bold headline read: “Out for the holiday” or “Be back next week?” Even worse, what if there wasn’t a paper at all?

  • USA: Celebrate it

    Whether you agree with the current political climate or the direction its headed, America’s birth is a worthy celebration for all.

  • It’s nice to be back

    What a difference a week makes.

    Walking back into the office of Morgan County News after a weeklong vacation has been an experience in itself. It’s a very strange feeling to not know what the front page of the paper is going to look like before opening that door on Wednesday morning. Although I have to admit I knew the basics of what it would be.

  • Political circus

    Now that voting for the presidential primary election is over, I feel I can say my peace about it with my personal biases influencing anybody’s decisions, as remaining unbiased is a very important factor in my journalism ethics.

    I feel betrayed by the candidate options this cycle. Politically, I identify as a right-leaning libertarian, so at the start of the vetting season I actually had a candidate to root for: Rand Paul.

  • A fellow journalist

    It was about 20 minutes before I was going to leave the office just before slipping into a rare three-day weekend.

    A man come into Morgan County News and started asking a few questions about the paper. They were fairly soft questions, but eventually turned his inquires to who the editor was. I always try to meet new people, so even though I was editing a few articles, I put them aside for a quick chat.

    I’m glad I did.

  • Writing for life

    Looking at the winners of the litter essay contest that we have in the paper last week really got me thinking about my adventure with writing. What began as an interest and later a hobby, progressed into what I do for a living—and also for fun in a lot of cases.

    I can still remember my first attempt at creative writing. I was in kindergarten and my teacher had announced a writing contest. For some reason I thought I could do this and produced two pages of fiction based on charters from the X-men comic books.

  • Helpful, not harmful

    Lately, we’ve received several comments from people who think the article we ran about Josh Johnson’s apparent suicide was in bad taste. I feel this editorial is necessary to clarify some misconceptions that are damaging to the community and unfair to people involved in the situation.

    The death of this teenager is tragic. I think we can all agree on that. But it’s still news.

  • The Christmas spirit

    A few weeks ago I wrote about the Thanksgiving spirit, and it seems like after just blinking Christmas is almost here.

    For Thanksgiving there’s not nearly as much preparation that goes into it as there is with Christmas. That’s not to diminish the value of Thanksgiving, but really Christmas is much more involved. You have the same gathering and eating elements with each holiday, but the gift giving aspect of Christmas really puts the holiday into full throttle in comparison to all of the others.